A Comic to Explain Hilterapia

ASAlaser therapy chooses drawings and cartoons to communicate to patients with simplicity its uses and effects. An innovative tool designed to facilitate the understanding of the instrumental treatment and to tell its story and developments.

Arcugnano, Italy, December 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Talking about Hilterapia through comics can help the patient to have more information about its use and results obtained. ASAlaser relies on "Comics & Hilterapia®," the first comic book dedicated to an instrumental therapy, to guide the patient in a story easy to understand, that will allow him to appreciate the benefits of Hilt® pulse and to receive information about its birth, the research conducted to verify its validity and the training courses designed to improve its uses. The “Comics,” result of the partnership with the “Scuola del Fumetto” in Milan, among the most prestigious in Italy, represents a new frontier in the laser therapy communication.

"Delegating to a drawing the clarification of an instrumental therapy," confirms Roberto Marchesini, ASAlaser Managing Director, "has been a complicate challenge that we have taken. The positive response of those who have seen it has convinced us that we had done a good job." Currently available in Italian and English, the “Comics” dedicated to Hilterapia® will now be translated into the languages ​​of the different Countries in which the therapy is present, with the aim of facilitating the spread of the laser therapy culture according to the ASAlaser’s philosophy.

Philosophy that makes research and innovation as strengths. Guided by the storyteller HIRO, the patient will discover the origins of Hilterapia®, founded as result of a long and accurate scientific research integrated with decades of experience in the field of laser therapy. The result is the laser impulse named HILT® (High Intensity Laser Therapy) which was patented in 2003 in the US and which gives an efficient and completely safe deep therapeutic action in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, in particular joints. Thanks to the story told in "Comics & Hilterapia®" the patient can also verify the speed of both the timing of application and the results obtained. Pain is significantly reduced from the first application.

"The 'Comics'," concludes Marchesini, "however, is only the latest communication tools designed by ASAlaser to give more information about Hilterapia®. In this direction goes also a DVD - 'Hilterapia®- Waiting room video'; with this tool, the patient will be able to deepen the direct action of Hilterapia® in the treatment of specific diseases: a slideshow will guide him through the identification of the causes and the symptoms and how Hilt® action can treat them."
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