ASAcampus Involved Once Again in an Experiment That Will Take Place on the International Space Station

The experiment, selected by the European Space Agency in the ESA-ILSRA2014 call and with the support of the Italian Space Agency (C-ASI N. 2018-14-U.0-Suture in Space), aims to study the process of surgical wound healing in space. - May 22, 2022

ASAlaser: Internationalisation and Sustainability Are the 2019 Cornerstones

The evaluation of new markets in which to expand and the retention of existing ones are the mainstay of the year which has just closed for the company, which has recorded a considerable growth in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America. The "Customer Satisfaction 2019" results are certainly noteworthy. Training remains the cornerstone of the activity, with more than 200 training sessions for Human and Vet distributors from over 90 countries and 1400 hours for company staff. - February 06, 2020

The ASAcampus Team Takes Part in XENOGRISS, One of the Italian Experiments by the Italian Space Agency, for the ESA Beyond Mission

The Space-X 19 was launched at 12:29 EST on December 5 last; on-board it carries some scientific experiments that will be undertaken on the International Space Station during the Beyond Mission, led by the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano from the European Space Agency. - December 08, 2019

ASA: Honourable Mention at the C2A Award

The company from Veneto receives an award at the Creative Communication Award programme in Los Angeles for its campaigns dedicated to the HIRO TT and MiS devices. The award conferred for “Brand identity” is the result of the collaboration with Studio D’Orsi. - November 27, 2019

ASA: New Headquarters for the Company

Technology, sustainability, lean management are only a few of the guidelines followed when building the new company headquarters in Arcugnano. In the name of welfare and of the spirit of belonging, the new structure, which houses production and offices, has provided for the adoption of innovative solutions in space management and in the choice of furnishings. - June 21, 2019

ASAlaser's Results in 2018: An Exponential Growth in Turnover Since 2016

Significantly increased revenue from sales and performance compared with the past two years (+ 14.6% compared with 2017 and + 30% compared with 2016) for the company which focuses on laser therapy for both the Human and Veterinary sectors. The forecast target for 2019: a further increase in revenue from budgeted sales of 5.5% compared with the 2018 result. - March 14, 2019

New Horizons for Laser Therapy: ASAlaser Presents MiS – MLS® High Peak Pulse

The company from Vicenza, (Italy), a leader in the production of laser therapy, launches a new high-performing device at “Medica 2018” which offers early and scientifically proven results by combining the synchronised action of MLS® Laser Therapy with the pulse power of Hilterapia®. - November 20, 2018

Energy for Health, ASAlaser's Scientific Review: 10 Years Marked by Research, Dissemination and Promotion of Scientific Knowledge

A new finish line accomplished for ASAlaser, whose scientific magazine celebrates its first ten years in 2018. The magazine represents just one of the company’s initiatives for highlighting research, the focal point of its growth and the basis of its ethics. - October 19, 2018

ASAlaser Therapies and the Italian Fencing Federation: 10 Years of Medals

The Olympics, the World Championships and international competitions distinguished by victories have marked the ten years of collaboration between the Italian company ASAlaser from Vicenza, manufacturer of lasers for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and the Azzurri Italian fencing team. These were also underlined by the recent successes at Wuxi 2018. - September 27, 2018

The Summer Season is Safe for Sufferers of "Swimmer’s Shoulder" Thanks to ASAlaser Therapies

The ASAlaser therapeutic solutions are an effective answer in order to successfully treat one of the most common issues for freestyle and backstroke lovers. Hilterapia® and MLS® provide a fast reduction in pain and a speedy recovery of the joint’s action. - July 22, 2018

The Outdoor Sports Season is Underway: ASAlaser's Therapies Provide Valuable Assistance in Treating Foot Issues

MLS® and Hilterapia® prove to be successful in enabling runners and bikers to resume sports activities after forced stops due to painful issues of the ankle-foot-heel. - March 24, 2018

ASAlaser 2017: Double-Digit Growth of Turnover and Staff

Turnover has increased by 13% compared with 2016, staff has increased by 20%, 14% of investment in research and the launch of a new therapeutic solution: these are the figures of the year which has just ended for the company that has made laser therapy its flagship of excellence. The 2018 objective? Growth marked by internationalisation. - February 17, 2018

Versatile, Transversal, Without Borders: MLS® Laser Therapy by ASAlaser in Veterinary Practice

Increasingly present in international Vet specialists’ clinics, the ASAlaser therapy collects new successes. 4 new cases confirm its full effectiveness. - September 22, 2016

Korea and Thailand: The ASAlaser Strategy to Open New Markets

Whether it is MLS® Laser Therapy or Hilterapia® or Qs Magnetotherapy, the company from Vicenza promotes training as the essential factor to obtain tangible and functional results for the growth of the activities of those choosing its therapy solutions. - May 18, 2016

Monica Monici, the Scientific Director of ASAlaser Scientific Research Department, was Elected ELGRA President

Dr Monica Monici was appointed to a high office in the non-profit International Scientific Society devoted to the promotion of scientific research under various gravity conditions. - November 19, 2015

The Scientific Journal Highlights ASAlaser’s Commitment in Research

The company from Vicenza, leader in the study and implementation of laser’s therapeutic solutions, celebrates the first 7 years of Energy for Health, a magazine devoted to physical therapy. - November 01, 2015

ASAlaser Launches ASAveterinary APP

This application dedicated to the use of MLS® Laser therapy in the vet sector was created as a result of the technological research carried out by the company that leads the production of laser therapy solutions. This useful instrument, which is ready to use, is perfect for sector professionals. - October 10, 2015

Hilterapia®: An Italian Excellence for the Treatment of Tendinitis by ASAlaser

An international scientific research confirms the efficacy of the therapy developed by ASAlaser in treating one of the most common disorders especially among sportsmen. - May 23, 2015

ASAlaser Dentistry: The New Frontier of MLS® Laser Therapy

ASAlaser, since 1983 at the forefront in the development of therapeutic solutions for pain management, in relation to the significant results obtained from research studies conducted at cellular level by its scientific department ASAcampus, has identified in MLS® Laser Therapy an effective response for temporo mandibular disorders (TMD). - March 25, 2015

MLS® Laser Therapy by ASAlaser: Effective Response to the Treatment of Pathologies of Companion Animals

As an innovative therapy, MLS® and its devices (Mphi Vet and Mphi Vet Orange) is among the therapeutic solutions adopted with increasing frequency by Veterinary professionals. In Italy as in the World. What’s the goal? To ensure our 4-legged friends a "tailored" cure to go back to feeling good. - February 19, 2015

ASAlaser: New Challenges for 2015

For the new year, the company aims at strengthening the worldwide diffusion of MLS® Laser Therapy for the treatment of temporo-mandibular disorders and craniofacial pain, at introducing Hilterapia® in the U.S. and at consolidating the presence of the Veterinary line in the European and international markets. Among the other tools for its internationalization strategy, training will have a leading role. - January 27, 2015

ASAlaser 2014: Between Positive Budget and New Projects

Sales growth, encouraging percentages for the installation of their devices, opening new markets for Human and Vet sector: the year that is closing is a solid springboard to dive into a 2015 full of goals to reach. - December 20, 2014

ASAlaser at MEDICA 2014: Internationalization, Innovation and Growth

Meeting international distributors, building new partnerships and presenting the entire range of products: these are the main goals of the company on the eve of its 31st participation at the German fair (Düsseldorf, 12-15, November 2014). The exhibition will also be the occasion to give visibility to the new corporate image. - October 26, 2014

ASAlaser Therapies: the Ideal Sports Partner

Removing contractures and oxygenating their muscles: these are the priorities of the athletes involved in Tor Des Geants, an endurance trail held from 7th to 14th of September in Valle d'Aosta (Italy). - September 19, 2014

ASAveterinary: New Look for the Corporate Website

With a fresh graphic, intuitive in consultation and rich in content: the new ASAveterinary website focuses on videos, case studies and interviews to explain the use of MLS® Laser in veterinary sector and to provide timely information about application and devices. - July 16, 2014

From ASAlaser a Targeted Solution to TMD: Mphi D, a New Product for MLS® Laser Therapy

ASAlaser has customized the MLS® Laser Therapy application extending it to the Temporo-Mandibular area in order to exceeds the limits of physical therapy and traditional Laser Therapy, guaranteeing short treatment times that are effective from the first application and long-lasting results. - May 08, 2014

Champions’ Physiotherapists Choose ASAlaser Therapies

Behind a great champion, there is always a good physiotherapist. A golden rule when the focus are the professional of sports that should always be at the top to face the best competition. In fencing competitions as well as track races, marathons and swimming challenges what matters is that the body does not wear down and the concentration is maximum. - April 17, 2014

ASAlaser: Lasertherapy for Fencing, MotoGP and Triathlon Also in 2014

From MotoGP to Fencing through athletics, over the years therapies "Made in ASA" have carved out a leading role in sports, earning gold medals and podiums of excellence. Also in the new year the partnerships with prominent teams and world champions will continue. - January 22, 2014

A Comic to Explain Hilterapia

ASAlaser therapy chooses drawings and cartoons to communicate to patients with simplicity its uses and effects. An innovative tool designed to facilitate the understanding of the instrumental treatment and to tell its story and developments. - December 19, 2013

MotoGP and SBK 2013: a Double Podium for Hilterapia®

Marc Marquez’s victory of 2013 MotoGP championship and Tom Sykes’ victory in Superbike sign a double podium for Hilterapia® too. ASAlaser’s therapy, being used for eight years from Clinica Mobile’s doctors and physiotherapists, has been contributing to the pre-race riders’ treatment and to their recovery after accidents on the track, and puts its seal to the just ended motorcycle season. - November 21, 2013

ASAlaser at Medica 2013, Düsseldorf: Under the Sign of Internationalization

The most important world fair of medicine and hospital technique is staged for industry excellences. Even ASAlaser, already well-know for Hilterapia® and MLS®, will be in Düsseldorf with the full range of its devices including new solutions for dental and veterinary use. - October 28, 2013

MLS® Laser Therapy by ASA: The New Frontier in Horses and Small Pets Care

Already adopted by prestigious U.S and European veterinary clinics, ASA laser therapy comes to the classrooms of some of the most important Latin American Universities: Veterinary is increasingly interested in laser use for the treatment of common diseases of pets and horses. - August 08, 2013

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