Money Journal Survey Shows Majority Spend Less on Chirstmas

A majority of survey participants said they are spending less on Christmas gifts this year than last, but only by a slim margin.

Las Vegas, NV, December 19, 2013 --( Perhaps fearing a weaker economic recovery and nervousness about the future, a slight majority surveyed say they are spending less on Christmas gifts this year than last. The exclusive Money Journal poll found that 52% of those surveyed are planning on spending less.

The online survey was gathered over a three week period, ending late Tuesday. Nervousness over the U.S. economy, concerns over political turmoil in Washington, D.C. and high unemployment in most regions of the country are chief among worries. However, economic indicators in the U.S. show improving trends in many areas of the workforce.

A retail sales survey indicates that average consumers spend on holiday gifts for each person is about $1,100, which is a lot of toys for growing boys and girls. Almost half of those who participated in the survey, 48%, said they would spend about the same or more money on holiday gifts this season.

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Mike Colpitts