Barbour Motorcycle Jackets – Wear a Piece of History This Holiday

Versatile, comfortable and made to last, Barbour offers a range of Motorcycle Jackets made to protect, impress and last.

Vancouver, Canada, December 20, 2013 --( British Motorcycle Gear announces the 75-year trust of Barbour to its customers with its recent availability of Barbour motorcycle jackets. Durable, versatile, comfortable and available internationally with fast international shipping, bikers can own a piece of history right before the holidays. Now available online, Barbour motorcycle jackets offer more than just aesthetics to its owners.

When asked about the need for Barbour motorcycle jackets, a British Motorcycle Gear representative stated, “With 75 years of trust and service, it was imperative that we made these exceptional line of motorcycle jackets available to our customers. They not only protect the rider, but ensure a dignified feel when they cruise through the wind. Available online with fast international shipping, we believe our fellow motorcyclists will enjoy the coming holidays.”

British Motorcycle Gear is a trusted name among motorcyclists, often praised for offering a wide range of durable and chic motorcycle jackets at affordable prices. With the latest online availability of Barbour motorcycle jackets such as the International, Union Jack and the Steve McQueen Sunblast, British Motorcycle Gear has ensured that its customers are well equipped for the upcoming holiday season.

Questioned about the availability of the Barbour motorcycle jackets, a British Motorcycle Gear spokesperson stated, “At British Motorcycle Gear, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, striving to ensure it is exceeded at every turn. This has ensured our growth and reputation and has proved our commitment to our customers. The online availability of the Barbour motorcycle jackets ensures that motorcyclists around the world have access to some of the best motorcycle jackets ever made.”

Ensuring that motorcyclists have a variety to choose from, British Motorcycle Gear has made a number of Barbour motorcycle jackets available to its customers. These jackets include famous variants such as the International, Union Jack and the Steve McQueen Sunblast. With different variants available, each ready for fast international shipping, British Motorcycle Gear has ensured that there is always something for every motorcyclist, that too right before the holidays.

When questioned about the selection of different varieties, a British Motorcycle Gear spokesperson answered, “While there are definitely multiple variants of Barbour motorcycle jackets, we used our database to carefully select only the best. That is why we chose the international, Union Jack and the Steve McQueen Sunblast.”

The spokesperson further mentioned, “The international is a true work of art. It’s durable, resists the harshest weather, chic and is truly a piece of history. The Union Jack is not only a protective marvel, it offers a striking style statement which, coupled with the right bike, lets motorcyclists create a bold statement. The Steve McQueen Sunblast is an interesting choice. It is an ingenious balance of protection and durability yet is lighter than many other Barbour jackets. As such, our customers have a appreciable selection of motorcycle gear for the holidays."

Not only are the Barbour motorcycle jackets available in a variety of styles, they can be shipped to customers all over the world. With fast international shipping, British Motorcycle Gear ensures that no motorcyclist is left out during the holidays. With such wide availability, British Motorcycle Gear makes it easy for motorcyclists across the world to own a piece of history – to own some of the best jackets ever made.

Upon contacting British Motorcycle Gear in regards to their shipping policy, a spokesperson stated, “While we operate in the United States of America, we believe that motorcyclists are a unified family. Our customers strongly feel inseparable from both their bikes and each other, each willing to lend a hand when needed. That is why we ensure that no part of the family is left out.”

The spokesperson further clarified, “With the holidays right around the corner, it is imperative that our customers promptly receive their Barbour jackets. Our fast international shipping policy not only makes certain that everyone has access to the best motorcycle gear, but we guarantee that they receive it in time for any holiday event or special occasion.”

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British Motorcycle Gear is a company dedicated to delivering the best in motorcycle gear to its customers. Concentrating on customer satisfaction and ensuring fair pricing, British Motorcycle Gear has gained a reputation as a strong market leader in motorcycle gear. British Motorcycle Gear goes to great lengths to ensure that its customers receive only the best products and customer service. With fast international shipping as a core business service, British Motorcycle Gear ensures that no customer is unable to own the best motorcycle gear. With years of experience and the right balance of price and quality, British Motorcycle Gear has made its place within motorcyclist communities around the world.

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