BrandCare, the Prime Social Media Monitoring Company for Your Brand, Announces a Fresh, Innovative and Exclusive Trial for New Users

Sydney, Australia, December 21, 2013 --( With BrandCare, social media monitoring is made very simple. Businesses can answer and engage with audiences and consumers on an all-inclusive platform (sales, marketing and customer service), monitoring all social media and online comments and more in a convenient and efficient manner. The new feature employs a complex linguistic, statistical, and neural network algorithm that distills data into business intelligence to clients, providing each client with details about good and bad comments posted anywhere on the web.

Have you ever heard the saying that there is no better marketing than word of mouth? It is true, of all the additional tactics that businesses use to engage audiences, the greatest influence our consumers has is on one another. Not only in person, but online. When a consumer tells five to ten other consumers about a product or service from a company… that is word of mouth marketing. This is done more often now than ever on social media sites, blogs, things of that nature. Imagine a consumer telling five to ten people a negative comment, and those five to ten people telling five to ten others the same negative comment, it multiplies like wildfire. This is why monitoring a company brand not only in person, but on the internet is so important.

While this is a known fact, it is difficult to keep track of these comments alone, no matter how often one logs on to check daily. “The trial features streamline media monitoring, saving time and saving money,” product manager Leonardo Almeida stated. It would be too expensive for a media analysis company to have humans read hundreds of blog posts daily for the last six months. With BrandCare’s text analysis, computers do the work. BrandCare’s CTO, Ricardo Branco, discusses how the system employs complex linguistic, statistical, and neural network algorithms, “BrandCare’s technology that is used can read and understand text, at massive rates of speed. We employ an online tool that uses keywords to collect messages from relevant networks and make it easy for companies to analyze them.” With BrandCare, companies can do the following;

-make a precise analysis with the reports and graphs generated;

-find geographically the author of the message;

-answer and engage with your audience;

-choose the most relevant aspects to your search

Brandcare makes it much more convenient and affordable to monitor a company brand and reputation online. Brandcare also has unique packages to fit the needs of different companies for different prices, ranging from the “starter” package to the top package “enterprise.” For more information on an easy and innovative way to monitor online reputations and how BrandCare can help, visit or email Businesses can keep track of online reputations, and do it the easy way.
La'Preea Smith