Telco Management Takes New Government Anti-Bullying Laws Seriously with Immediate Compliance

Telco Management has proudly embraced the new anti-bullying laws recently put into place throughout British Columbia.

Vancouver, Canada, December 22, 2013 --( With the growing concerns of bullying and harassment occurring, Worksafe BC launched a new legislation effective November 1st 2013 to ensure the safety of employees are met at the work place and the company has already enforced them.

Bullying and harassment have serious negative effects and consequences and can appear in many forms. The BC Government’s strong enforcement of policies came into effect to help everyone including workers; employers and supervisors all prevent and address workplace bullying and harassment.

“Respect and professionalism from each staff member are of paramount importance here at Telco and as soon as the Worksafe BC launched the new legislation we immediately put the requirements into action with full compliance and enforcement. We want everyone here to know we will always maintain the highest standards in order to create a positive work environment,” stated a Telco spokesperson.

Telco Management is leading the way when it comes to ensuring all employees are protected and feel safe in the workplace. The company has taken the initiative with anti-bullying workshops already being held for all employees to ensure everyone was kept up to date with the current changes and policies in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Telco is well aware of the current trends that have clearly shown that bullying and harassment can affect physical and mental health concerns and management takes this very seriously.

Telco Management has a fully designated health and safety committee that meets monthly to discuss and comply with occupational health and safety policies. Anti-bullying officers were also quickly appointed to provide assistance and resources to all employees in the workplace.

The spokesperson further added, “We will continue to keep updated on this issue here as members of our management team also attended an in-depth employment law workshop put on by Bull Housser in Vancouver.” This important workshop emphasized the most recent laws on privacy concerns, anti-bullying and harassment as well as updates on the law of dismissal. This informative session brought light to all of the current changes and updates in the employment sector.

Telco takes pride in ensuring that all employees feel safe and enjoy coming in to the work place which further impacts production.

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