NPR Station KPCC Talks “Smart Shoes” with REP Biomechanics Lab Director Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS

REP Lab Director Jay Dicharry PT, SCS discusses the rapidly evolving field of shoe design with NPR affiliate KPCC - Southern California.

Bend, OR, December 23, 2013 --( REP Lab director and Rebound physical therapist Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS is a leading expert on running biomechanics and analysis, running shoe design and running injury prevention.

On air, KPCC and Jay Dicharry discuss the emerging field “smart” running shoe design that has technology embedded to provide people with biomechanical information. The shoes collect data such as foot speed, ground contact time, and force and the data is then transmitted to a smartphone for recording and analysis.

According to Jay Dicharry, “There is a big emphasis about doing more [volume and intensity] - what we’re trying to do [now] is figure out how to do things smarter. What makes up a smarter way to move…trying to be symmetric, trying to be efficient, and trying to put less load on our bodies from an impact perspective.”

Using real-time technology to monitor and record these variables can provide footwear designers, athletes and their coaches’ invaluable information to optimize both the shoe itself and the athlete’s running mechanics.

Jay Dicharry’s REP Lab at Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend, OR is perfectly suited to provide the expert analysis and interpretation required to translate the data into actionable changes. This often means optimizing and altering an athlete’s training routine to maximize strength and running biomechanics as well as lower the risk of injury.

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REP Biomechanics Lab at Rebound
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