Mom Blogger Asked to Attend Exclusive VIP Event for American Idol

American Idol is ready to launch season 13. In an conscious effort to rebrand the show, they have new judges on board. They also invited a select group of mom bloggers and social media mavens to have a VIP tour and sneak peak of the season. Meg Hodson of Happy Kids, Inc. was one of those select bloggers.

Los Angeles, CA, December 26, 2013 --( The popular reality singing show, American Idol, is gearing up for their 13th season. This year, they asked a select group of mom bloggers and social media savvy women to come to Los Angeles. During the popular “Hollywood Week” portion of the show, these women got a screening of the season premiere, a backstage tour, and exclusive viewing of the group auditions for the show.

It all started through Twitter. The show is realizing the importance of social media as a means of promotion and connection with their audience. The show has a large number of followers via social media, but were seeking something more, to truly connect with their audience. That is where this group of ladies comes in. Meg Hodson, one of those chosen mom bloggers from the Portland, Oregon area, was chosen for a whirlwind, 2-day trip to Los Angeles. The show did all their communication with the group via Twitter, and then email. The power of social media was proven in the culmination of this trip.

This group of women has formed a name for themselves, the “Idol Tweethearts”, and use the hashtag #idoltweethearts in their sharing on social media. They were able to capture some exclusive backstage photos on their tour and chat with members of the Idol staff and the judges. They will be involved on some level (to be determined) once the show officially kicks off January 15th, 2014.

Meg Hodson is a family and lifestyle blogger and the head writer for the blog, Happy Kids, Inc. She publishes articles regularly on topics such as healthy recipes, Mom issues, and kids’ humor. Her blog motto is “happy kids, happy life”. She also owns her own home-based wedding business. Meg is married and has three children.

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