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Ozeal Widens Its Scope to Include Lightweight, Rimless Titanium Glasses

Ozeal glasses, the London-based online glasses shop, widens its scope to welcome new glasses: lightweight, rimless titanium glasses.

London, United Kingdom, December 31, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal Glass has made a mark in its industry due to the quality eyewear and related accessories that it sells. The online glasses store is offering a range of titanium framed spectacles aimed at those customers keen on every aspect of the eyewear they buy. Wearing glasses today is not just about correcting the problem of vision that you may have: style is an aspect that more and more people look out for. Seemingly, Ozeal is appreciating this factor and with their titanium styles, people can now pull off a sophisticated look by wearing Ozeal glasses.

Like with many other glasses that this company sells, there are frames both for men and women. For the titanium frames meant for women, they come in a variety of feminine colours to suit the tastes of different people. From the cherry pink and gold and brown shades to the grey and cerulean colours, Ozeal offers glasses that can be matched with several outfits to pull off a professional or casual look. Moreover, the rimless titanium glasses are made to be flexible and it will be interesting to observe how customers respond to this quality.

Men too have a wide range of frames and colours to choose from. From sheen black to gold and coffee as well as silver and gun-metal, men can expect to rock a variety of unique styles given the appeal of rimless, titanium glasses.

Durability is yet another quality expected from Ozeal’s range of titanium glasses. Indeed, titanium is a material known for its resilience when used to make accessories and this is what these spectacles offer. Besides this quality, they are lightweight accessories seen even from the design of their frames. These glasses sport slender frames which further add to their sophisticated appeal. Nonetheless, the slightness of the frames is said not to compromise in any way the durability of these spectacles based on the quality of material used to make them. With a weight as little as 9.0 grams, these will prove to be the glasses of choice for those who like functional spectacles that lack a wide, imposing frame.

Aside from the rimless titanium spectacles you get when you make a purchase, there are other useful products in the package that come with every pair. For example, you get a microfiber cloth to use during the cleaning of your spectacles as well as a hard case to assure you of safety for your eyewear. Moreover, like with other purchases of Ozeal’s range of spectacles, you get single vision lenses of a 1.56 capacity for free. To mitigate the effects of scratching which is all too common with eyewear, the rimless glasses come with free coating with anti-scratch features.

With this range of titanium products, Ozeal is targeting a market segment of glass wearers who want a lightweight, yet durable accessory to pull off stylish looks. A 60 day free return policy and free delivery for purchases seem to be icing on the cake for their customers.
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Aaron Wang