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HC’s Designs for Ozeal Glasses Win the Ninth Annual Davey Award

Ozeal glasses have gained immense popularity amongst glass wearers mainly because of their style and prices. The cheap glasses shop now becomes famous for another reason, check it out.

New York, NY, January 01, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal glasses have gained immense popularity amongst eyeglass wearers mainly because of their style and price. Oftentimes, Ozeal prescription glasses are made in simple designs and styles, a fact which tends to add to their sophistication. No doubt, it is one of the most reputable online glasses shops with a huge following.

The graceful simplicity of Ozeal is seen in a number of aspects and not just in their glasses. Aside from the affordability and quality of their accessories, they consistently give themed products and special offers to their customers. This simplicity was carried further to the designs that HC Wong Hong Kong drew for Ozeal to use on posters. They were a total of five designs which depict in a simple, yet effective way, the aura of Ozeal’s online glasses. The minimalist styles used in all five designs resonate well with the “Nice and Simple” business mantra of Ozeal. It needs to be said that the designs portray the spirit of Ozeal’s work as they mimic different shapes of glasses; no doubt to show the variety in styles that they offer.

The first style recognised has a rotated “8” appearance which is truly unique. The caption of “Variety to choose from” resonates well with the graphic image which clearly indicates a unique pair of glasses. With an orange colour about it, the simplicity of this design is captivating. The second design is captioned “simply look smart”. When you closely scrutinise the design, it shows the e=mc2 phrase inscribed to create a pair of round glasses. The colour used all around this design is red which sends the message of fashion and style about this company’s glasses. On the other hand, the third design shows two hand lenses close together which have been creatively positioned to give a sense of round eyeglasses. The words “simply feel stimulating” have been used to show that Ozeal’s prescription glasses are not just meant to correct eye vision alone.

The fourth design is an outstanding one. Two alarm clock signs drawn in the style of eyeglasses and the caption, “simply alarming savings” is impressive. This design indicates the affordability of Ozeal’s accessories. The final, purple-themed design is an image of cat-eye glasses captioned “simply feel sexy”.

So captivating are these designs that they received attention from the International Academy of Visual Arts and subsequent nomination for the 2013 Davey Awards. The HC advertising agency went ahead and won two awards for their prolific, “simple-themed” design work. In the Poster Art Direction category, the designs won the gold award while they bagged silver in the Advertising Campaign platform. These two awards clearly show that art and branding have been effectively yet simultaneously used to promote Ozeal glasses. With its conviction of simplicity both in branding as well as in its products, this is no doubt one of the most renowned online glasses shops.

Captivating, unique yet simple designs in posters and other advertisements add to the sophistication that any company depicts.
Ozeal Glasses
Aaron Wang