Amazon and Google Play Say Hello to Dream: Hidden Adventure by Renatus

Renatus Media, LLC spreads its eye-filling hidden object title to new mobile platforms. Dream: Hidden Adventure takes players to an ethereal world with picturesque dreams, now playable on Android and Amazon devices.

Palo Alto, CA, January 01, 2014 --( When it comes to the game publishing business, Renatus definitely knows the ropes. With over 30 titles launched on top mobile and social game platforms, this US-based gaming enterprise works hard 24/7 to bring more top-notch game products to the audience.

It would be unreasonable to expect that Dream: Hidden Adventure, the sweetest eye candy among hidden object games, stays an iOS-only app for too long. October release of its iOS version for iPads, a bit later followed by the updated one (designed for iPads and iPhones), had triggered the crazy chain reaction.

The next mobile OS to run this “rising star” app became Android and Amazon. In December, hidden object game addicts got a double portion of their favorite treat. With world's major platforms in its pocket, the Dream: Hidden Adventure app has won all chances to put the gaming world to magic sleep.

Dream: Hidden Adventure offers a versatile user experience: playing it is the same as reading a good book (a nicely built immersive storyline) or watching a full HD video (its jaw-dropping graphics can't leave anybody cold).

The game's got islands “washed” by air streams and bordering on cotton candy clouds. And there's this Black Hole doomed to swallow everything within its reach. As a hero armed with an eagle eye & utmost attention, player is to save every island from nothingness.

This hidden object game app is a must-play for those who're looking for:

· unusual fairy-tale plot
· addictive hidden object gameplay
· isles full of dream-locations (absurdities, nightmares, etc.)
· one-of-a-kind dreams “woven” from ingenious images
· stunning, brilliant, sharp, juicy, colorful, and infinitely charming graphics
· lots of bizarre characters to have fun with
· vast menu of items at the store: tools, bonuses, weapons, etc.

Besides standard features, Android and Amazon (as well as iOS) users will enjoy unique novelties.

Presences, for example.
Players got used to such game modes as search by silhouettes, words or in the dark. Presences are something to arouse the appetite for search – each of them in its own way makes the search more challenging. It can be a Mist shadowing the objects, or a Wordworm that “ate up” some letters in the names of objects enlisted for search. It brings fun and tough brain workout.

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