New Ways for Children to Interact and Learn Through Digital Storytelling: Global Sleepover Launches Its First Story

After years of research, planning and development, Global Sleepover is ready to present its first story in a series dedicated to educate, entertain and engage young readers on issues of global citizenship. The series sends Sleepover Stars: Clarity, Juliet, Noah and Clive, on Sleepovers around the world.

Washington, DC, January 02, 2014 --( Recently available to the Apple App store, for use on iOS devices, is the Global Sleepover story series. This digitally enhanced, interactive story series focuses on teaching children, ages 4-8, to become 21st century, global citizens. On their Sleepover Adventures around the world, Clarity, Juliet, Noah, Clive and the readers develop the skills to communicate cross culturally, as well as learn lessons on issues of international concern. The first story, Sleepover in Antarctica, was initially released to a select audience of educational experts and children who would be the main audience for the stories.

London, Washington, DC, New York City, Dublin and other cities around the world hosted the pilots of Sleepover in Antarctica. During July 2013, members of the Global Sleepover team had the opportunity to present and receive great feedback in the largest Digital Summer Camp in London to hundreds of educators and children. On this Sleepover Adventure, the readers get to help Noah and Clive progress through the story whether it is helping the pair pack their bags for the trip to learning valuable lessons on environmentalism and entrepreneurship. Using the feedback from these pilots, the creative and development teams for Global Sleepover were able to make improvements on the second story, in which the other Sleepover Stars, Juliet and Clarity, travel to Africa for Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation.

Each story is a fully-illustrated children’s picture book with specific, interactive functions. The story can be narrated or read out loud by the parent or reader with each page containing sound effects and interactive functions for the children to touch, pull or draw, with prompts guiding them to these interactions. Additionally, they all come with several activities; a guide for parents and teachers, learning questions, country snapshot, as well as downloadable activities through the main website. It is the hope of the team at Global Sleepover that through this, children around the world will get to combine the magic of Sleepovers with the importance of being globally-minded in a rapidly globalizing world.

The Global Sleepover is a new and unique digital children’s story series (children ages 4-8) about four friends who go on Sleepovers all over the world. On their adventures, they learn about the world and become global citizens. After all, who doesn’t love a Sleepover?
Global Sleepover
Alex Kim