to Launch IT Support of Small Systems

Having several small IT systems that do not qualify for a large IT support contract because of their size can be a real nagging pain in the neck. The solution for that has just been presented to companies throughout the world by, the largest Polish nearshore and offshore provider.

Warsaw, Poland, January 15, 2014 --( IT support can be provided – depending on the type of systems to be covered by technical support – in two ways. The first one is designed for IT systems that require no special knowledge apart from their names, the use of the technology and how and where to log in to them in the event of failure or a need for modifications.

"In this case you can buy a number of working hours per month, to be determined based on your previous experience with the technical care of these IT systems. takes action within a few hours of the moment when the client lets us know about a system failure or a need to modify the system. If the volume of work in a given month exceeds the purchased working time, you pay only for the additional time," explained Andrzej Biesiekirski, CEO at

The second way is designed for IT systems that require some knowledge and constant low profile maintenance. In this case, the client can also buy a defined and guaranteed number of working hours. This allows to maintain constant knowledge of the supported IT systems and to perform regular maintenance work to prevent any potential problems. However, if an unexpected incident happens anyway, or you need to modify the system, then you have IT staff on hand that will perform the task. And you pay additionally just for this extra work on solving the problem or introducing the necessary changes.

IT support and maintenance operations are carried out to the companies worldwide remotely by Technical Support & Maintenance department within's business hours. This, however, can be modified and adjusted to the client's business hours, depending on the scale of the IT support contract.

"By offering IT support of small IT systems we also want to encourage companies from around the world to take advantage of our IT support and maintenance services for their larger systems. They can easily test the quality of our nearshore and offshore services by entrusting us with the IT support of their less important systems. When they realize that it works well and costs half of what they have paid so far, it may be easier for them to entrust us with the IT support of their more critical systems too," added Andrzej Biesiekirski.

About is the largest organisation of IT consultants specialising in nearshore and offshore IT development in Poland. The company's offer is addressed to organisations from all over Europe which seek to reduce the costs of IT projects by having them implemented in countries characterised by lower costs, but at the same time culturally and geographically close. specialises in Cloud Enablement & Development, Mobile App Dev, Application Integration using several platforms (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Tibco), managing the development and support of existing applications in virtually any technology and reducing your IT costs.
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