MetaCommunications Stays Ahead of the Competition with Mobile-Friendly Collaboration

HTML5-based online proofing and productivity apps continue to boost collaboration through ease of use and accessibility across mobile devices.

Iowa City, IA, January 10, 2014 --( With the release of Workgroups DaVinci™ in 2013, MetaCommunications unveiled a revolutionary mobile-friendly tool that is transforming online proofing and collaboration capabilities for organizations around the world. Spark!, the proofing component of the solution, gives users the ability to review and collaborate on a design from virtually any device.

There is constant debate within the web and mobile development community regarding whether companies benefit more from developing a native mobile app or a HTML5-based web app with a responsive design accessible through a mobile browser. The right answer is different depending on the application type and industry, but for online proofing, Robert Long, President at MetaCommunications is confident HTML5 is the way to go.

“A productivity tool is only effective if it’s adopted by stakeholders throughout the company. We are committed to making it easy to access, review and approve creative jobs whether the reviewer is on a desktop in their office or on their iPad or Android tablet while they’re on the go.”

While several competitors have put their efforts into native applications designed for a specific device, MetaCommunications has maintained a commitment to maximize accessibility across as many platforms and devices as possible.

Not only are web-based applications accessible on more devices, but they also eliminate the need for each user to take the extra step of downloading a native app to their device. With Workgroups DaVinci, users are alerted that a new proof exists through their email, they click the link provided and are taken directly to the proofing tool in the browser without any additional installations.

MetaCommunications is finalizing it’s second-generation HTML5 proofer, which is currently in a private release to a small group of customers and is due to be released this spring. The company reports that feedback from customers has been extremely positive and design teams have reported faster review cycles due to the increased flexibility and effortless accessibility of the solution.

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