's Mobile Apps Hit the Appstore and Google Play

Los Angeles, CA, January 10, 2014 --( (a Los Angeles-based Mobile App Development firm) announced today that another round of mobile apps were deployed to the Appstore and Google's Play marketplace.

Dustin LeBleu, the company's CEO stated "Our initiatives are focused heavily on providing the mobile user base with groundbreaking technology that not only makes life easier, but is also fun to use.

"With ClinicalDials we are giving pharmaceutical firms ways for patients on clinical trials to provide real-time feedback to the firm from their mobile devices. That not only illuminates a drug's success rate with actual data provided by a patient, but it makes the entire clinical trial for that drug safer... not to mention fast-tracks the drugs approval when it is safe and is proven to help people.

"In other news, our work on a new social network for people in relationships will hit the market by surprise this coming quarter. I'm very proud of our progress in that arena. We've built a way for people to get relationship support anonymously with things that they would not share in a setting like Facebook or Twitter.

"In other upcoming app releases, there is some headway being made with safety systems for companies like Shell Oil where employees are using IPads that provide them with real-time oil and gas pressures. LiveOilTools comes complete with safety checklists and compliance based tools.

"There is so much happening and the team here is working at a pace that can only be described as a Red Bull induced form of structured chaos. Basically we're enjoying what we are doing and it's really showing in our client's levels of satisfaction."
Dustin LeBleu
415 366 0441