"Gator: the Biography of a Killer Dog Who Found Love"

The True Story of a Badly Behaved Pit Bull Destined for Euthanasia, and an Owner Committed to Keeping Him Alive.

Los Angeles, CA, January 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Author Thomas Cummings is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his book “Gator: the biography of a killer dog who found love.” The book will recount the life and times of “Gator,” a dog so tough he once attacked a van for accidentally running him over...it got in the way of a ball he was fetching.

This candid, cautionary tale spans thirteen years, and is a must read for all pet lovers, but especially anyone considering owning a "high risk" breed. A caveat to reader’s: While the story is expected to have many laughs, you might want to keep a box of Kleenex nearby.

Cummings first decided to write the book after reading some alarming statistics; The American Pit Bull Terrier is amongst the most popular breed of dog in the nation, but studies estimate as many as one million are euthanized every year.

“People have no idea the amount of work that goes into caring for a dog like this, when they find out, many owners give as much consideration to keeping them as flushing goldfish down the toilet. Not only was caring for Gator a challenge, but his aggression, physical prowess and temperament were off the charts. Still, I was able to give him a long, happy life. In general Pit Bulls are friendly, affectionate, gentle dogs - Gator was not. The point of this book is not to tarnish the reputation of a breed that already gets an unfair rap, but to demonstrate that despite how unmanageable any one animal might be, a happy, outcome is possible with a dedicated owner. I hope my story entertains, but also garners a deeper commitment from pet owners and benefit’s the breed,” says Cummings.

Here is a snippet from the book describing the author’s first encounter with his new dog:

When that dog turned the corner from the kitchen to the living room, my knees wobbled - he may as well have been an African lion. Despite the fact that I was then 6’2 and 240lbs. with a martial arts background, I was in that second, nothing more than a gazelle on the open plains. Here was this sack of fast twitch muscle fibers with a skull that could make a bull jealous. Before I even had time to click the clasp of his leash he was within two feet of me. All I could do was ask in the friendliest tone, "You wanna go outside?"

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if “Gator” does not reach it’s goal at the end of 40 days, it might be a story that never gets told. Please spread the word to your social media friends and consider donating as little as $10 to help this project come to life.
Thomas Cummings