White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks Tribute, Starts Nationwide 2014 Tour: "In The Web That is My Own, I Begin Again"

White Winged Dove, the Stevie Nicks tribute based just outside of Atlanta, flies out of the darkness, into the light, in 2014.

Atlanta, GA, January 12, 2014 --(PR.com)-- People tried to keep White Winged Dove down. This Stevie Nicks tribute, formed in 2009 by front vocalist and manager, Barbara Joy, has patiently been biding their time to spread their wings and fly.

"Nothing, and no one is ever going to stop me from achieving my goals and making White Winged Dove the #1 80s era Stevie Nicks tribute, worldwide," says Barbara. Although they auditioned, and played with many different musicians, they were always searching for the right match...members that brought no drama, or Negative energy, and did bring lots of talent. Barbara has been performing Stevie Nicks tribute shows, Nationwide, since 1993, longer than any other Nicks/Mac tribute still performing.

This dynamic band debuted its 2014 tour in Tucker, GA. at the Moonshadow Tavern, and with their management team at Maximum Bands (based in Florida) will be traveling nationwide in the next two years.

Not only performing Nicks/Mac songs, White Winged Dove also has two sets of Classic Rock/Soul and Pop, including hits from the Pretenders, Doobie Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, and many more. Audiences will be thrilled to hear classics like "Vehicle" (Ides of March) or "How Long" (Ace) performed live, by this multi talented band.

"We are not another bar band, or not another tribute band, for that matter," says Barbara. "When you come to see us, it is an experience, and we want you to remember us, and come see us again, and again, so we make sure each show is unique and really captivating."

Not to mention the cool items on White Winged Dove's merch table. Barbara hand cuts and creates "Stevie Nicks style" crescent moon necklaces, pyramid pendants, floppy velvet berets, and many things gypsy, that the fans of the original ethereal Rhiannon will just love.

For more, visit White Winged Dove's Facebook page, to keep up with their tour schedule, and lookout for a great tribute, who's candle has just begun to burn with the brightest flame.

White Winged Dove Stevie Nicks Tribute Band
Barbara Joy