Mobile Site Builder mobiSiteGalore Will be at Mobile Web Americas 2007 in Florida

David Hill, Director – Mobile Web Initiatives and Sathya K, Vice President – Marketing, mobiSiteGalore will be available for live interaction at the conference venue at The Regal Sun Resort, Orlando, Florida on October 2, 3 & 4.

San Jose, CA, September 27, 2007 --(, the critically acclaimed mobile website builder from Akmin will be part of the proceedings and workshop discussions at the Mobile Web Americas Conference 2007 – the Florida based event scheduled to bring together industry professionals from around the world to discuss how to improve and capitalize on the mobile web.

Mobile Web Americas 2007 Conference will be held at the famous Grosvenor Resort (Now renamed The Regal Sun) at Orlando, Florida on October 2, 3 & 4. David Hill, Director – Mobile Web Initiatives and Sathya K, Vice President – Marketing, mobiSiteGalore will be available for questions and direct interaction at the conference venue. David will also be speaking at the Conference on “How 10,000 users have created standards compliant mobile websites on their own… in just a few minutes”., the pioneers of the mobile web initiative and the creators of the .mobi top level domain have already expressed their deep appreciation of mobiSiteGalore with dotMobi's Director - Developer Initiatives, Ronan Cremin saying, "We've seen many web-based authoring tools for the mobile platform but this seems to be the best. It scores an almost perfect score in our test, which is based on W3C’s mobile web best practices”.

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About Akmin’s mobiSiteGalore
mobiSiteGalore ( is the easy-to-use web-based tool that enables even novice users to quickly create & publish mobile web content that works seamlessly across all mobile phones. Since the mobile website builder is developed in strict adherence to the Mobile Web Best Practices as laid out by the Worldwide Web Consortium - W3C, users don't need to test websites on all the mobile phones to check for compatibility … mobiSiteGalore takes care of all that and automatically ensures that websites built using mobiSiteGalore are 100% compliant with the standards and work seamlessly and consistently across all mobile phones. What's more, users can make unlimited changes to their mobile websites or even rollback their websites to any earlier published version at any time. What's even better free unlimited support is always available for all users through an online support forum. mobiSiteGalore also offers a revamped Partner Program that enables service providers to offer a powerful mobile website building service to their customers through a private branded, turn-key solution. mobiSiteGalore comes from Akmin (, an ISO 9001:2000 certified leading provider of online web site building & web content management solutions, with over 1,250+ service providers & over 625,000+ websites across 45+ countries around the world. Akmin is also a member of W3C - Worldwide Web Consortium and the dotMobi Advisory Group.

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