The Author of Journey After School Has Done It Again!

Freshmen Fifteen: by Jasmine N.H. Sheffield

Manassas, VA, January 22, 2014 --( Jasmine Sheffield is not only a published author of two books but she also holds B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Information Systems! Jasmine’s newest release, “Freshmen Fifteen”, is more than a book. It speaks of the experience at a historically black college and tackles the sensitive issues of teen pregnancy, virginity and peer pressure!

One must purchase this book and see for themselves as words cannot describe the amount of peer pressure that teenagers go through in college. College is an exciting period in life. For many, the best moments of their lives happened during college. "Freshmen Fifteen" describes the lives of best friends both planning to attend an HBCU when one night changes those plans. This book makes a great gift for the recent high school graduate or college freshmen.

“Freshmen Fifteen” takes you through the HBCU life of a young lady named Laila. Laila had plans of making her first time memorable on her high school graduation night, but those plans were thwarted by her jailed boyfriend. Now she's headed to college, a virgin. Although her top priority is to do well in school, to thoroughly enjoy the college experience, the horny beast inside of her is begging to be released. After all, her hand can only bring her so much pleasure. While searching for the right guy to give her virginity to, her natural curiosity leads her to discover the pleasurable, and not so pleasurable, stories of her friends' sexcapades. Finally, she meets Chris, a sexy, senior, frat boy. Is he just a playboy or will he be worthy of taking her virginity?

This book has been published and distributed in America. You can purchase at or on Amazon.

About the Author: Jasmine, a loving mother and wife, is a resident of Virginia. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University where she received a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. She went on to receive her M.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois Springfield. "Freshmen Fifteen" is Jasmine’s debut novel. She has also written a self-help book titled Journey after School: A Guide to Starting Your Career and Managing Your Finances. She has enjoyed the writing process and has other books on the horizon.

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