New Portable Air Conditioner is Hard to Install; Smart AC Makes It Easy and Secure

Procubed, has developed an easy, secure way to install the vent hose of any portable AC unit into any sliding window. They are using crowd funding to expand the current business strategy and grow the company.

Kenosha, WI, January 29, 2014 --( If you live in the Midwest, USA, you are not thinking about air conditioning now, but we will be in a few short months. A product growing in popularity is the indoor portable air conditioner. It stays inside the house and is vented via an exhaust hose through a window, unlike the bulky, unsightly window air conditioner. These portables are supposed to be quick and easy to install, but if you’ve tried it, you know it’s not so easy. The vent kits supplied with the AC units are flimsy, hard to install and leave your window as good as open.

Procubed LLC, an engineering company in Wisconsin, has developed an easier way to install the venting system for these portable air conditioners. Product reviews reveal that installing the venting system is the most common problem for portable air conditioners. The solution; make it easy to customize the window-vent adapter to any sliding window and any brand of portable AC unit. Procubed has done just that with Smart AC! Procubed CEO, Jim Maerzke explains the expanded business strategy saying, “After spending much of our time building custom tools and equipment for industry, it’s nice making something that everyone can use. We have a bench top full of innovative product ideas to bring to market; you will be hearing a lot more from us in the near future.”

Procubed’s business model is evolving and like other startups and growth companies, they plan to use some crowd funding to raise capital and gain new recognition. The team is energized and ready to produce their own products. Smart AC is a first for Procubed and with its success, they will continue with other projects like the new wheelchair already in development.

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Press release for Procubed Smart AC

Press release for Procubed Smart AC

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