A New Way to Satisfy Doctors’ Interest in Electronic Health Records Exchange

FetView, a new online software, allows obstetricians and gynaecologists to create documentation of ultrasound examinations and to share the findings with patients and colleagues.

London, United Kingdom, January 31, 2014 --(PR.com)-- A recent survey conducted in the UK revealed that 94 % of surveyed doctors believe patients should have some access to their health records in an electronic form (Accenture, 2013). However, only 11 % of them disclosed that they are currently able to provide such access for their patients. That is why sharing of health records is one of the important features in FetView – a new online software for management and interpretation of ultrasound examination during pregnancy with online documentation for patients.

FetView allows specialists to create professional examination reports from data and images automatically transferred from an ultrasound device into completely customizable forms in a doctors’ profile. These reports and fetal images can be shared by one click with the patients, who accesses them via a separate online account. In addition, doctors and specialists can share the reports with colleagues both in and outside of the practice or directly collaborate on a patient’s case.

Thanks to the online account, 1 826 current patients examined by specialists using Fetview can not only share the images with their family and friends, but also have constant access to essential information about their pregnancy – in the case of any emergency, when on a trip or when changing a specialist. As of today, specialists using FetView have transferred 65 724 images.

The idea of FetView was conceived several years ago and its development started in 2010 in Germany by a team of fetal medicine specialists and software developers. It has been tested in practice ever since. The software was introduced to the German market in summer 2013 and it is now entering the UK and Czech markets.

“We already are engaged with several clinics using FetView in Germany and we have established partnerships with first clinics on Harley street in London. The software is going to be available to the UK patients in a few weeks. We are continuously developing new features to be able to provide FetView to more specialists,” summarizes the current situation David Dostal, the Founder and Chief Executive of FetView.

FetView focuses on enabling detailed diagnostic data documentation and workflow improvement as well as it addresses concerns regarding technology and data sharing in healthcare by providing a user-friendly and easy-to-use system, demonstrating the benefits of health records sharing, and ensuring data safety by using highly professional security systems.
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