Sean "Diddy" Combs’ REVOLT TV Network Selects (N+1) DesignStudio to Provide Social Media-Driven, Real-Time Engagement On-Air

REVOLT’s flagship show launches January 27th with best-in-class technology for real-time conversation with at-home viewers.

Durham, NC, February 02, 2014 --( (n+1) designstudio, a creative services firm providing motion graphic design and conceptual branding solutions for the sports and entertainment industries, has partnered with REVOLT TV to provide a unique solution featuring real-time social media interaction. This feature was launched on “REVOLT Live,” the network’s premiere flagship news program that debuted Monday, January 27th, from REVOLT’s new Hollywood studio. The social media technology allows fans to directly engage in real-time with hosts Sibley and DJ Damage to share their thoughts about music news and culture, extending the in-studio conversation to at-home viewers.

(n+1) designstudio’s unique display of custom graphics and social media integration is the cornerstone of REVOLT TV’s mission, described by REVOLT Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs as “the first channel created entirely from the ground up in social media era.”

Optimized in a real-time, rendering environment, the new augmented reality elements, sometimes appearing as a floating social conversation, give the audience an opportunity to interact with artists and hosts using live tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images and live polling data.

SMT, the parent company of (n+1) designstudio, provides REVOLT’s custom-configured GOTO Board, the large interactive touchscreen display system used by the network’s hosts to show videos and display the constant stream of social media posts. The data is powered by SMT’s signature Data Matrix Switchboard (DMX), which absorbs, collates and synchronizes multiple feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into its social media publisher. The DMX allows REVOLT editors to easily streamline content searches for on-screen presentation, created by (n+1) designstudio.

Watch a clip from the launch of "REVOLT Live" featuring (n+1)'s new social media system:

Based in Hollywood, REVOLT TV launched its broadcast channel in October 2013 on Comcast Xfinity and Time Warner Cable. For more information, visit

“REVOLT and (n+1) designstudio are setting a new standard for music news and music culture by building a social media platform for artists to reach audiences in a completely unique way on ‘REVOLT Live,’” said Andy Schuon, REVOLT president and co-founder. “This authentic dialogue between fans and our special guests will break the standard of traditional news shows, and will allow REVOLT to connect all platforms to our television channel at the speed of social media.”

“We are proud to partner with REVOLT to provide the next level of social media interaction. This innovative design and concept provides a whole new viewing experience for fans that is unlike anything else on television,” said Janet Arlotta, (n+1) designstudio executive director. “This will complement SMT’s work with REVOLT in making the channel a leader in the ability to capture and display social media in a compelling format.”

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REVOLT is the new #1 name in music. Available on Comcast’s Xfinity TV and Time Warner Cable, the multi-genre, multi-platform music network delivers music news in real-time, and the best of the best in music programming. A "social by design" network built to play at the speed of social media, REVOLT is live, direct, and always on - anytime, anywhere, any screen. For more information, visit
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