Demand for Photo Booths Projected to Double in 2014

Capture POD Professional Photo Booths Sees Increase in Sales and Rentals

Miami, FL, February 05, 2014 --( Capture POD Professional Photo Booths, the leading manufacturer of event based photo booths, expects worldwide photo booth demand to more than double in 2014.

Carlos Pacheco, owner of the company, attributes the overall success to several factors, including a September 2013 New York Times article recognizing that photo booths are now a “standard” at galas, celebrity parties, weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, just as photographers and DJs are. The projection is based on inquiries and actual sales and rentals which have grown steadily over the last three years for the small, private company based in Miami’s Wynwood District.

“Another factor is the technology,” says Pacheco. “Today’s photo booths are little bit nostalgia and a lot of technology. People love getting a print immediately after the picture is snapped. Then, when they see that they can share it on social media or text the images, they’re amazed and excited all over again and again. Our photo booths look nothing like the original photo booth introduced in NYC in 1925, and they do much more.”

According to Pacheco, sales have increased 186 percent from 2011 to 2013, while rentals have grown 81 percent for the same period. Projections are for sales and rentals to continue ascending in 2014 and beyond. PODs have been sold throughout the world since 2011. California, Texas, and NY/NJ are home to the most PODs in the United States, while more than a dozen photo booths have been shipped outside the country, including Canada, Nigeria, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia.

Capture POD introduced the Capture RAZZI Open-Style Photo Station in November 2013 to appeal to a new market of photo booth users. Unlike the traditional enclosed units, the RAZZI uses a step-and-repeat, scenic backdrop, or green screen and can take pictures of larger groups. The RAZZI is easier to transport and fits into a Mini Cooper.

Capture POD Professional Photo Booths, headquartered in Miami, FL, with a rental office in Los Angeles, CA, manufactures, sells, and rents photo booths worldwide. The company began capturing pictures in 2010 with one photo booth, and is adding its 10th unit to keep up with the growing rental demand. Among other things, Capture POD is researching the custom photo booth market for home installations.
Capture POD Professional Photo Booth
Alex Giassa