Survey Reveals 60% of Women Want to be Involved in Their Engagement Ring Purchase

A recent survey by Libertons, the online jewellery marketplace, has revealed 60% of women in the UK want to be involved in the purchase of their engagement ring, either with their fiancé or completely independently.

London, United Kingdom, February 13, 2014 --( A survey by Libertons (, the online jewellery marketplace, has revealed most women would like an aspect of control over the purchase of their engagement ring.

The survey of UK women aged 18-54 years old carried out in January 2014 revealed key engagement ring preferences in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. It found only 40% of women want their fiancé to surprise them with an engagement ring they purchased by themselves. 51% of women favoured choosing their engagement ring with their fiancé whilst 9% of women revealed they would prefer to have complete control over the purchase and buy it by themselves.

The survey also revealed that this sentiment was stronger with older women. Those aged 35 and over greatly favoured more control over the purchase of their engagement ring than those aged 18-34.

While 68.4% of women aged 18-24 and 50% aged 25-34 were happy to have their ring bought for them by their fiancé, only 27.5% of women aged 35-44 and 33.3% of women aged 45-54 feel the same.

“An engagement ring is an item of jewellery that a woman will wear for the rest of her life. Therefore it’s incredibly important that the ring matches the woman’s style; from gemstone and material to period and sentiment," Matthew Betts, Director of Libertons, stated. "This survey reveals women from the UK obviously feel strongly about this and therefore the majority would prefer to go through the engagement ring buying process with their fiancé - an important lesson for men thinking of proposing on Valentine’s Day.”

The survey also revealed another interesting split between women aged 18-34 and 35-54; with the majority of women aged 35 and over willing to help pay for their engagement ring, whilst more women aged 18-34 would not be prepared to help pay for their engagement ring. Overall 34% of women are willing to contribute towards the cost of the ring, with 42% unwilling to contribute towards the cost and 24% of women feeling they may be prepared to help pay for the ring.

When it comes to the price of the ring, 38% of women said it doesn’t matter. In total only 17% of women feel more than one month’s wages should be spent on an engagement ring.

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