Schmartboard Announces New Program to Pay Users $100 for a Circuit

Schmartboard Will Pay $100 and Give Free Schmartboards in Return for Good Design Content.

Fremont, CA, February 12, 2014 --( Schmartboard, a company that makes prototyping electronic circuits easier, has announced a program to pay participants a $100 bonus in addition to free Schmartboards in return for creating innovative circuits that other enthusiasts can try. Schmartboard would like to nudge users to publish their next Schmartboard Project online to share with the world. Schmartboard will offer free Schmartboards to build the project and $100 when completed.

Interested participants should fill out a form and Schmartboard will choose a number of applicants to participate each month. When Schmartboard gives someone the go-ahead they will need to supply a schematic and Bill of Materials, which includes the needed Schmartboards, and Schmartboard will send them the prototyping boards to build their project. When the project is complete, participants will supply a write-up with details, instructions, photos, schematic, Bill of Materials, video and code (if applicable). They will then send $100 via Paypal. Once they have successfully completed one project, they will almost automatically be approved for future projects.

Schmartboard may accept a project that is simple or advanced. Brownie points if it uses Schmartboard’s development boards such as the Parallax, Cypress PSOC, Microchip PIC or Texas Instruments Schmartboards. The Bill of Materials portion that is supplied for free by Schmartboard can include any Schmartboard prototyping board, development board, jumpers and headers. The participant supplies anything else (Components, hardware, battery, etc.).

Schmartboard will publish and promote the circuit on their website and through social media. In some instances, Schmartboard may offer to work with the participant to turn the project into a product and profit share with them.

Examples of what Schmartboard is looking for as for final project content can be found at: The form to apply to participate is at:

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Schmartboard™ is committed to helping make the development of electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensive than previously possible. Schmartboard's patented "EZ" Technology makes hand soldering of surface mount components fast and flawless. Our products are utilized by engineers, students and hobbyists for simple to complex electronic circuit design work.
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