Healthy Treats You'll Want to Try

Susan Marque is an extraordinary Food & Life Coach bringing you great taste that won't stick to your waist. Perfect for the kids, she has new items for everyone.

Los Angeles, CA, October 01, 2007 --( Mom’s Rejoice – Food & Life Coach Susan Marque brings healthy treats to your home with her Fast and Easy approach.

Susan Marque is an international speaker, author and coach who has an all new Healthy Treats class In Los Angeles just in time for Halloween, and will save you inches on your waistline through the Holidays and beyond. If you have ever wondered if food is affecting your productivity, your clarity, your energy, as well as your health, you are not alone. There have been numerous scientific studies done now on the affects of food and there seems to be more confusion than ever before. Susan Marque has dedicated her time to deciphering the information into easy to understand application. She is delightful to learn from. If you are not near L.A. you can enjoy her online cookbooks and tele-classes. Schedule a phone coaching session with Susan Marque and it will give you tools that last for your whole life. Susan Marque is a treasure. She can help you with creating wonderful food quickly and show you how to utilize healthier items that everyone will enjoy. When she started out, Susan had no intentions of becoming a Food & Life coach. She was simply learning for her own sake. Susan struggled with her health and weight for many years until she discovered how foods where affecting her and started to begin a whole new life of better health, ideal weight, even looking younger than she had previously, and people were watching her transformation. Susan’s interest in human behavior and brain functions led her to trainings that were another piece of the puzzle. Friends and acquaintances asked her to teach them since they saw such remarkable results with what she was doing. She has grown to be an expert in her field currently working on a new book and pre-production of a cooking show. For more information visit her website at

Susan Marque Food & Life Coach
Susan Marque