Above and Beyond Offering $150 Cash Back on Old Vacuums on Purchase of the Dyson DC41 Animal

Aurora, CO, February 22, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Above & beyond sewing and vacuum, one of the leading vacuum dealers in Aurora recently announced its new offer of $150 cash back on old vacuum cleaners when purchasing the Dyson Animal.

The offer is meant as an incentive for homeowners to give up their old vacuums that are probably past their maximum usability. “We see many vacuums that are 10-15 years old, or older, and have been exhausted in their functionality,” said Patrick Arnold, Co-Owner of Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum. “New machines provide the latest technology in power and filtering.”

The older vacuums get, the lower their effectiveness in filtration. This leaves a lot of residue that spreads germs and bacteria in the home, especially when carpets are involved. “Most people don’t realize the kind of bacteria they’re exposing their family to using an older vacuum," Arnold said.

"This particular deal on the Dyson DC41 is offered by the manufacturer to introduce customers to the very latest in vacuuming technology."

The Dyson Animal DC41 is an upright vacuum that is designed to eliminate dirt, allergens, dust and pet hair. Its trademark Radial Root Cyclone technology maximizes suction power by remodeling airflow. The cleaner head automatically adjusts to the floor surface without user effort. The Dyson Animal was named as such as a reference to its easy to maneuver design and robust strength. Centennial customers are noticeably surprised by the efficiency of this vacuum technology.

To provide further incentive, Dyson is also offering interest free financing on the Dyson Animal for $75 per month for 6 months. This deal is being offered for residents in the Aurora, Parker and Centennial areas. In addition to the easy installment payment plan for the Dyson DC41, Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum is also offering after sales services such as a free health check and in stock parts and accessories. “We want to build an ongoing relationship with our customers,” Arnold said. We want to let them know that we don’t just abandon them after the sale like big box stores.”

Cash back on old vacuums is a deal that Dyson sometimes offers on its new vacuums in order to more easily move consumers into new technology that they didn’t know exists, and the company has found providing them some value for their previous appliances is an effective strategy.

“Many people believe that if it’s running, it’s enough. Updating to new technology is usually held off until the previous vacuum completely wears out beyond repair. We want our customers to know that an appliance update doesn’t necessarily mean a loss,” Arnold said. “We provide them with the value for their vacuum cleaner along with the installment offer in order to help them make the purchase less painful.”

The offer has so far been met with enthusiasm by residents of Parker, Aurora and Centennial. With a better economy returning there is a pent up need for replacing appliances that should have been replaced years ago. Although the offer was just introduced, ABSV is seeing strong interest and sales.

“Based on previous offers and the current trend we have seen in our initial trades, we speculate that this offer will be very popular. We believe we are the best vacuum dealers in Aurora, and are offering one of the best deals on a new vacuum,” Arnold said.

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