The Brand New Way to Bring Cool Images Into Your Home: HIREVISTA Low Tables by Black Gecko

Black Gecko presents a new and exciting way to look at home complements with the perfect synthesis between technology and art: photographic HIREVISTA low tables, now on Kickstarter.

London, United Kingdom, February 23, 2014 --( After 20 years of satisfying individual experience in interiors and product design, six friends felt an inner urgency to break rules and stereotypes of design. They created Black Gecko, a London-based company, and decided to start their rebellion precisely with the side/coffee table because it is a focal point in most interior spaces.

HIREVISTA table (High Resolution Visual Side Table) is a new and exciting way to look at low tables no longer just as functional elements but rather as a unique way to express oneself. The latest technologies, the highest quality materials and an Italian team make the ordinary side table into an amazing product.

HIREVISTA low tables use an extremely high resolution image to make a powerful and provocative modification to any space, personalizing, revamping and completing it with even one piece.

The beauty of HIREVISTA tables is that you can choose any hi-res image to be printed on its surface: a non edited image, an edited image or an original piece of art work. Then finally your personal style can take shape in the table.

With HIREVISTA low table anyone can express himself in his home combining emotions, colors, textures, symbols, meanings, moods, ideals, aspirations and passions and then choosing the picture which represents him perfectly.

Black Gecko helps people to finally bring inside their house their favorite pictures also on cool accessories, and no longer only on the walls.

HIREVISTA low tables have a wide range of shapes and sizes, all of them designed to fit the photographic format enhancing every kind of image.

HIREVISTA tables are made from a single powder-coated sheet of aluminum cut and bent with laser numerical control machines and hand-made finished to round off all the edges and make it safe. Images are printed on a durable premium-performance medium and then transferred onto the surface and covered with a protective film that improves the images’ resistance to wear and cleaning.
Black Gecko puts all its effort into achieving maximum protection, beauty and quality even in the smallest detail.

The Creative Art HUB
The Creative Art Hub is one of the pillars of the Black Gecko project, based on its members’ love for art and desire to help artists to gain recognition by making sure that their work is paid for.

The Creative Art Hub is a tool through which photographers, illustrators and artists all around the world can submit their works of art to create a HIREVISTA “Special Edition” collection that will be sold online at

It’s Black Gecko’s way of supporting art and artists around the world.

Now on Kickstarter
Black Gecko is now running a Kickstarter campaign for its HIREVISTA low table project. Help us to make HIREVISTA a reality by sharing this link:

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