Ugly Facts About TV and Radio: Why SEO Internet Marketing is a Must for Future Business Success

Tampa, FL, October 02, 2007 --( Only a few short years ago a company was considered “progressive” to have a website but today Internet Marketing is a necessity for survival. Those companies that realized the opportunity presented by the Internet were able to get in early and become leaders in their field. The game is getting ready to drastically change once again and this time things really are different because Internet Marketing is becoming the Primary Means of marketing. Let's review some of the trends reported by research groups including Forrester Research, Arbitron and other research conglomerates.

Trends You Need to Know…

Fewer Viewers
Today’s teens watch an average of only 2 hours of network television per week [as compared to 3-4 hours per day for older groups]. Instead, people are getting their news and information as well as entertainment from the computer, cell phones, PDA’s, iPods, and more.

Less Impact
Consider this impressive example, in 1954, 74% of Americans were watching “I Love Lucy”, the top rated television show at the time. Today, “American Idol” shattered recent records but still only attracted 15% of all Americans. Simply stated, even the most successful shows represent far less total impact than in former years.

Fewer Listeners
The radio is undergoing similar trends. For instance, in 2000, the Top 5 albums sold a combined 38 million copies. By 2005, the Top 5 sold just half that amount: only 19.7 million and continuing to decline each year.

The Ugly Facts
• Hollywood box office movie receipts have declined each year since 2001
• Newspaper readership peaked in 1987 and has continued to decline
• Magazine and newsstand sales are at their lowest levels in 30 years
• The 2005 & 2006 MLB World Series TV rating were the lowest in history
• 2005 NBA ratings were a record low
• 2006 Grammy Awards dropped 10% in one year
• 2006 Winter Olympics had its lowest ratings in 20 years
• Radio listenership dropped to a 7 years low
• In 2005 an average of one radio station went out of business each week due to declining sales—the highest rate since the advent of radio.

Clearly mainstream media represents a Shrinking market segment while Internet Marketing has continued to grow and become Mainstream. What was considered a progressive or early adopter stance just a few years ago, is now a matter of pure survival when it comes to Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is the Mainstream. Television, radio and newspapers are dying…quickly.

Still relying upon the old ways of doing business when it comes to marketing? Why? As television and radio actually lose viewers and listeners they attempt to make up the difference by charging more to the remaining few advertisers. Are you paying More for Less? If you are using television and radio advertising then the answer is yes.

It’s simply not possible to grow a business by advertising with venues that are losing customers not gaining customers. If they can’t keep their own customers how can they bring you more customers?

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