Daniel Levine: the Self-Driving Car is Moving Forward at High Speed

The trends expert is seeing a number of developments in the high-tech trend.

New York, NY, February 24, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Noted trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine continues to track the developing trend of the driverless car. For years, engineers have been working to make cars self-piloting. The goal is to reduce accidents and congestion by having automobiles regulate their speed and steering collectively.

Many models already feature some self-controlling features. For example, Ford cars can parallel park themselves, while high-end models feature self-braking systems. But automakers have much more in mind, and this trend continues to move forward.

Automakers have received a big boost in this project thanks to approval from the United States Department of Transportation. Bureaucrats have signed off on the concept of using this technology, and would be interested in allowing it following stringent testing.

With this go ahead, the year 2020 seems to be the target date for this technology to become universally available. Nissan says it will be selling self-driving cars by that year, and the University of Michigan hopes to have assembled a fleet of 2,000 smart cars within that time frame.

“This technology is something drivers seem to be ready for,” says trends expert Daniel Levine. “Surveys show that up to 90% of motorists would be in favor of these cars, which offer safer driving conditions and therefore lower insurance rates. The public interest is what continues to drive this trend, and I anticipate this idea to become a reality very soon.”

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