Rest - a Mac OS X App Helps You Take Breaks and Suggests Exercises

Rest, a tiny Mac pomodoro app that keeps you rested and at the peak of your productivity throughout the day receives a major update.

Skopje, Macedonia, February 25, 2014 --( Rest, a popular Mac app that makes sure you take your breaks just received a major update.

Sitting all day without any sort of physical activity is bad for you. Many outlets have written about it[1] - how physical inactivity kills as many people as smoking[2] and how taking breaks can actually increase productivity[3]. "Rest aims to help you stay on the safe side and boost your productivity to boot," says Dino Angelov, the software developer behind Rest.

The app features 12 soothing reminder sounds, handpicked for this purpose. Instead of an annoying alarm tone, you will hear memorable instrumentals that will help you form a habit.

You get full notification center support, natively for Mountain Lion & Mavericks, so you have it all properly integrated in your Mac.

Most importantly, the app can suggest small exercises in your break window, so whenever you get a small break coming up, you can easily do some hand, shoulders, legs or arm exercises. Adhering to the break schedule can help with eye fatigue, as you won't be staring at your monitor for long stretches of time without a break. 13 different illustrated exercises with a succinct description will give you variety.

If you’re watching a movie, you can pause the app for 2 hours (or any interval you want), and it will resume automatically after that period, so that you never forget to re-enable it.

The app features full support for the Pomodoro technique, so you can use that to organize your day more productively.

If you're in good shape, perhaps you prefer to opt for full-screen, beautiful images.

Go and grab the app now, and improve your day right away! Just visit

This marks the biggest software update delivered by the software developer Dino Angelov since the first release of the product. Initial data shows that earnings from the app have more than doubled and are expected to continue increasing.

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