e-con Systems Launches 10x Optical Zoom, Full HD, USB 3.0 UVC Camera

See3CAM_30Z10X HD streaming @ 60fps; Full HD @ 30fps; Built-in ISP for 3A; 10x Optical Zoom camera with 6x Digital Zoom capability

St. Louis, MO, February 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- e-con Systems Inc. a leading camera solutions company announces the launch of See3CAM_30Z10X, a 3.0 MP UVC[i] compliant USB 3.0 optical zoom camera, in line to the See3CAM series. Being UVC compliant, See3CAM cameras are ‘plug and play’ on Windows and Linux with no additional device driver software required and the cameras work with standard Windows (DirectShow) and Linux (V4L2[ii]) software. e-con Systems has earlier launched 1.3MP global shutter cameras (See3CAM_10CUG and See3CAM_11CUG) and 8MP Autofocus USB camera (see3CAM_80) as part of the See3CAM family of cameras.

The See3CAM_30Z10X camera is based on a 1/3” optical format, 3.0MP CMOS Image sensor and this supports HD (1280x720 aka 720p) streaming at 60fps and Full HD (1920x1080 aka 1080p) streaming at 30fps. The camera has a high-performance Image Signal Processor (ISP) built-in that performs a variety of functions including 3A (Autofocus, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance). The See3CAM_30Z10X contains a stepper motor driven lens assembly that supports an optical zoom of 10x (focal length 6.3mm to 63mm) and a digital zoom of 6x. The stepper-motor-driven Zoom and Autofocus lens assembly is tightly coupled with the image sensor and the ISP circuitry. The zoom and autofocus is fast, accurate and consistent, some of the key requirements for such high-zoom cameras.

The See3CAM_30Z10X camera is targeted for various applications such as inspection devices, surveillance, security, OCR etc, where the 10x optical zoom capability can be leveraged. The addition of Autofocus and specific mode of Macro mode Autofocus algorithms make this camera to be most suitable for desktop magnifier applications such as growth monitoring, article inspection, defect detection etc. The manual focus adjustment feature allows the user the precisely fix the focus position in challenging scenarios where the on-board ISP unable to identify the location and still hunting for best AF position. Users can also add additional lenses to increase the zoom capability for special applications where they want to get higher magnification.

The See3CAM_30Z10X is a fully functional USB3.0 UVC-complaint zoom camera and it is based on a 1/3” optical format rolling shutter CMOS image sensor. When connected to the USB3.0 host port, the See3CAM_30Z10X can stream the HD (720p) video at 60fps and Full HD (1080p) video at 30fps. The camera also supports temporal noise threshold adjustment, in addition to the standard controls such as brightness, contrast, manual white balance etc. The camera also supports adjusting the individual digital gains of Red and Blue channels of the image sensor. In this manual white balance mode, the users can adjust the gain of Red and Blue channels independently to adjust the white balance for their ambience.

The camera also supports still image capture at full 3MP (and in compressed JPEG format). The supports the burst capture feature which allows the user to capture up to 8 images continuously on a single external trigger event. This burst capture feature will allow our customers to capture a set of images on a single click and then let the user to choose the one that they think the best.

“The See3CAM_30Z10X is 10x optical zoom camera with a stepper motor driven lens elements and this marks e-con’s entry to the specialized camera market space. The high speed zoom, autofocus (or manual focus), excellent image quality through a dedicated built-in ISP,” said Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems. “This camera will benefit our customers who were looking for a cost-effective zoom camera with autofocus capability and of small form-factor desktop camera,” he added.

See3CAM_30Z10X currently supports Windows Vista/Windows 7 operating System. Linux support will be available soon. Building applications with the See3CAM_30Z10X is simple - any DirectShow compatible application can use the camera; much like any other UVC compliant webcam. However, the camera features supported are not the common features and they are exposed to the user through the set of APIs provided by e-con Systems. The API library allows our customers to build customized applications for their done. The demonstration application e-CAMView is available from our website. Customers can also write to sales@e-consystems.com to get support on the software development and customization. The APIs are provided along with the documentation and e-con Systems also supports our customers on both Linux and Windows Operating Systems.
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