Speed Drawing Cuts Through the White Noise of Video Marketing Boom

25SDA’s hand-drawn animations help marketers "play in the minds" of customers as video advertising reaches a new high with Internet users worldwide.

Clearwater, FL, March 02, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Video is fast becoming an essential part of the digital marketing mix. More video was watched online last year than ever before, with the number of video ads seen in the US jumping from 11 billion in December 2012 to more than 35 billion, December 2013*.

As more video is produced – a staggering one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute - it’s getting harder and harder to catch and keep the customers’ attention. But Florida-based 25SDA delivers a powerful alternative to help marketers cut through the white noise of me-too video advertising. The company’s Speed Drawing Animations – the highest quality hand-drawn motion graphics - deliver all the advantages of live video, but with a better cost-quality ratio, endless opportunities for creativity, and significantly increased engagement.

Speed Drawing Animation has an incredibly strong psychological impact, says 25SDA founder Roberto Capodieci, helping the brain create the ideal image of what is drawn. “If I see a picture of a car that is all I see; maybe it’s a car that I don’t like. If I see a drawing of a car, my brain will show me a car that I love. Speed drawing lets your ideas play in the minds of your audience,” he explains.

He also points out that verbal communication alone isn’t strong enough to activate the visual imagination. “If you are listening to me talking, it takes real effort to visualise what I am trying to explain to you. Accompanying the words with drawings activates the visual aspect of the brain and helps the customer see the vision you are trying to get across. That’s a very, very powerful way to communicate,” says Capodieci.

25SDA makes it easy for businesses to take advantage of this eye-catching animation technique, mixing entertaining cartoon style graphics with informative voice-overs, exciting sound effects and quirky live action to deliver promotional videos that get results. The company gives clients a highly creative spin on this popular approach to promotional animation, with a practical take on the production process that is perfect for clients that want to harness the power of Speed Drawing Animation, but don’t know where to start.

To see Speed Drawing Animation in action check out the Global Benefits Group’s ‘Insurance without Borders’ video and find out more about how 25SDA help’s clients communicate their ideas in this fun explainer video.

* comScore December 2013 U.S. Online Video Rankings, January 10, 2014
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