Smart Phones Are Making Travel Easier

The trends collective is reporting a variety of trends fueled by smart device use.

New York, NY, March 04, 2014 --(, the leading trends collecting website, is reporting an increasing number of trends that suggest how the smart phone is changing travel.

For long distance travel, smart phones are providing extra security. Hotel keys and swipe cards are being replacing by phone scans, allowing overnight guests to check in to their rooms without carrying extra equipment. Smart phones are also enabling luggage tracking– One product offers a tracking device inside of bags, which can be followed using an app. Alternately, British Airways is offering electronic tags which allow for bags to be tracked by smart phone. Smart technology is also creating opportunities for tourists to get around, as cities are adopting QR codes within their infrastructures to provide additional information.

For shorter commutes, there are a variety of programs which allow for more information and ease of travel. Numerous apps have reached the market which allow for crowd-sourcing of travel conditions. Users can report how traffic is flowing and how crowded rush hours trains have become, allowing others to make other plans. Also, commuter rail passes are moving to smart phones, making travel as simple as holding up a phone.

“These trends are another example of the power technology is having on our lives,” a spokesperson says. “Having easily accessible technology allows for amazing simplifications. Information is now just a second away, and that is making travel easier, faster, and much more simplified.”

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