Introverse Media Proudly Backs the Music of Mike Indest

Ambitious singer/songwriter presents his output for free on

Red Bank, NJ, March 04, 2014 --( On March 3, The Co-Op, a promotional collective from Introverse Media, proudly announced representation for singer/songwriter Mike Indest.

Indest, a native of New Orleans, is musically restless and uncompromising in his message. Whether it is the electronic tinge of his work with the Motonaut project, or with spare instrumentation of no more than voice and acoustic guitar, Indest links all his output with a single mission statement of honesty. Like revered artists such as Bill Mallonee and Bruce Cockburn, Indest has faith but won't shirk his duty to offer plain-spoken truth. It can be controversial, but it is clear that it is not presented in a coldly calculating way, but with the spirit of making clogged ears hear. Sometimes it takes a whisper, and sometimes it requires a bang. Indest is not afraid of either extreme.

Dw Dunphy, manager of Introverse Music's Co-Op said of Indest, "I started with one of his EPs off of Bandcamp, The Trouble Is, I believe...and since he puts all his music out for free, it became very easy to fall down the rabbit hole. I went into the Motonaut stuff and the Swimsuit Grandma stuff, the Tipitina's live album. And one after another, the thread that Mike weaves through it all is as the great translator. He has something to tell you and he'll speak it in the language you'll understand. That might stun a few people, as well it should."

Mike Indest's discography is available as free downloads via the website. Indest himself has stated in interviews that his goal is to be heard, not to be rich and famous. That modest benchmark further allows him to say what he feels compelled to articulate, without fear of loss of income or of compromising the fan base. Instead, the fan base has come to him for his unencumbered honesty and subservience to making memorable music.

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The Co-Op is an artist-supported collective devoted to shifting the balance of opportunities toward independent musicians. Presented as a subsidiary of Introverse Media, Ltd., The Co-Op maintains that the "underground" is just as vital, interesting, and unique as it has ever been and needs a bullhorn to make that statement clear. For more information regarding The Co-Op, contact Dw Dunphy at
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