Introducing vText: Messaging Reimagined

VText, the world's most innovative messenger, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to launch on phones worldwide.

Washington, OR, March 05, 2014 --( vText is an app for iPhone and Android that reimagines the way we connect with each other through our phones. Now, after hundreds of hours of work, a prototype exists, but to finish the app and bring it to the world vText is running a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo at

How is vText different?

It’s fast - up to three times faster than traditional messengers. Every other messenger works like voicemail where time is spent on both ends to type, then send, while vText works more like a direct call, cutting that time in half.

It’s secure - vText never stores any of your conversations; when using vText you leave zero digital footprint.

It’s smart - It reminds you about birthdays, limits texting while you’re driving and rearranges your contact list based on who you’re most likely to message depending on the time, your location and your history.

It’s engaging - When you’re vTexting someone you have each others undivided attention, connected in real time. VText will be great for couples, or any serious and meaningful text conversation.

It's simple - it will make your life easier.

Vtext’s founder is Bill Gwanyalla, a social entrepreneur with a passion for technology, food and soccer. He has devoted his life to building organizations that support people in making deeper, more meaningful connections with themselves, others, and the world. The rest of the team is Roger Nemmar, a software engineer and Zajiyah Hines, the project manager.

The Indiegogo will raise money to complete the beta version of vText and bring it to phones worldwide while maintaining strategic and creative control. Hundreds of hours have already been invested in the project, and the funds raised will help pay for ongoing R&D and staff time as well as business expenses and patents to protect the innovative nature of the work.
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