Signalman Publishing Announces Release of the Christian End-Times Novel "Cathy"

"Cathy" is a new end-times novel with a twist -- looking at the books of Daniel and Jeremiah.

Orlando, FL, March 06, 2014 --( Signalman Publishing is pleased to announce the release in paperback as well as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble nook, and the Apple iBookstore of the Christian futuristic novel "Cathy" by Arthur Perkins of Eatonville, Washington.

In this novel, Earl and Joyce Cook confront an increasingly self-serving and dictatorial government bureaucracy. Government leaders perceive a worsening financial situation as demanding the removal of unproductive members of society, including the elderly, the handicapped, and the “People of the Book.” The fulfillment of God's task for the Cooks, as well as their attempt to preserve their friend Cathy’s safety in the face of the government’s attempts to snatch her away, involves them in a perilous journey from their comfortable place in middle-class society.

In this journey, they find themselves in the midst of the transition from the Church Age to the restoration of Israel as the apple of God's eye, put on hold at the Pentecost following Jesus' resurrection. Israel might find itself in God's favor, but first she has to survive, because it’s also the time of Jacob's Trouble as spoken of in the thirtieth chapter of the prophet Jeremiah.

God assigns Earl and Joyce to a task that they both are honored and apprehensive to take on. In the midst of the increasing turmoil of a world approaching the brink of self-destruction, Christian expectations are growing of an imminent Rapture. The Cooks have included themselves in this hope, but God has other plans for them. God integrates them into a cadre of courageous servants to pave the way for the wholesale salvation of the Jewish nation. God can do this by Himself, but that’s not the way He works.

Earl is given a unique insight into a Scriptural truth to help accomplish the task of endowing a select group of Jews with an understanding of Jesus that leads them to recognition of Him as their Messiah. But the transmission of this information is costly to Earl as an increasingly dictatorial and self-serving society attempts to thwart God's plans.

John McClure, President of Signalman Publishing, stated, "'Cathy' is a terrific book which has a new twist on Christian end-times novels by taking a deep dive into the books of Daniel and Jeremiah. It’s entertaining as well as highly thought-provoking."

"Cathy" (ISBN: 978-1-940145-19-8, Trade Paper, 258 pages, $15.99, FICTION/ Christian/Futuristic) from indie book publisher Signalman, is available on Amazon, Barnes & and wherever fine books are sold.
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