Reno Doctor Creates Dry Eye Clinic

Reno optometrist Mark G. Mitchell, OD has created a dry eye clinc.

Reno, NV, March 06, 2014 --( With winter comes dry eyes. Dry eye is more common in the winter months, resulting in blurred vision, eye redness and discomfort. Eye Doctor Mark Mitchell, OD in Reno, Nevada has started a Dry Eye Clinic that specifically focuses on this common and difficult to control disorder.

While over-the-counter artificial tears can help, many patients would benefit from more advanced treatments, such as Restasis, which is available by prescription only.

In addition, other factors can play a role such as age and use of some medications and even supplements. So, a comprehensive, modern evaluation can better treat dry eye.

Dr. Mitchell believes that the key to effective treatment is an office visit that is specifically tailored to this disorder so that all issues can be examined.

He welcomes new and existing patients to make an appointment and have an advanced workup.
Mark G. Mitchell, OD
Mark Mitchell