More Than Just Bed Frames and Discount Mattresses for Sale, "Michigan Discount Mattress" Offers Blu Sleep Products' Vitality Quick Reacting Memory Foam Pillow

Top-Rated Discount Mattress Store Offers Its Customers Something Extra in the World's Most Groundbreaking Memory Foam Pillow

Detroit, MI, March 06, 2014 --( Moving into the next generation of sleep product ingenuity, Michigan Discount Mattress takes on offering the Blu Sleep Products Vitality Pillow, a luxurious addition to anyone's mattress set. A bit softer than the other two models also carried by this online mattress store, The Vitality still offers extreme levels of support with its quick-reacting memory foam. There is also soy added which not only makes this an eco-friendly choice but also makes for a hypo-allergenic product. Observing the photograph of this neck-contouring breakthrough product will likely draw you in to its very unique design. That is because of the ventilation holes. They are for more than just style. These holes – coupled with the material makeup – make for the world's coolest pillow; providing the most restful sleep you can imagine.

While your mattress set is important, it's vital that you take into account that how and where you rest your head, neck and shoulders is equally imperative. In terms of science and technology, Blu Sleep Products has spared no expense in research to bring you the best support and comfort imaginable. It should also be noted that – like the other two models in the line – the “Vitality” pillow is constructed of Tencel fabric. This is a moisture-resistant material that provides an anti-bacterial surface and is great for sensitive skin.

Both trendsetters, Blu Sleep Products and Michigan Discount Mattress are worth a visit. For the full Nature Collection line of luxury pillows, visit their online mattress store.
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