Daniel Levine: the Cruise Industry is Experiencing a Variety of Trends

The noted trends expert is following a variety of trends in the popular part of the tourism.

New York, NY, March 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is seeing a variety of trends in the cruise industry.

“Cruises are one of the most popular varieties of travel today,” says Levine. “They provide everything many tourists are looking for.”

Cruise lines are constantly working to provide higher end experiences for their guests. Lately, less-desired rooms are being made more attractive by adding extra amenities. For example, it is a growing trend to provide virtual views of the ocean to windowless rooms in the middle of the ship. Bigger and better entertainment options are also trending. Lines are offering onboard amusement parks to their ships, offering a few thrills to an otherwise relaxing outing.

But the cruise industry is also changing in a variety of more practical ways. The ship hotel is trending, as more and more municipalities are turning to docked cruise liners as a source of temporary housing during large events. Medical tourism is also trending on the cruise industry, providing an escape for those with serious issues. And voluntourism continues to trend, as lines are offering volunteer opportunities for their passengers during time on shore.

“Cruise vacations continue to offer more and more options to an increasingly diverse client base,” says Levine. “This is a growth industry, and the desire for more growth is fueling the need for new ideas to motivate more people to partake.”

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