Terrific Tuesdays at River Expeditions Will Return to The New River Gorge, WV, with Price Specials on Rafting Trips

In 2014, Whitewater Rafting will be more exciting than ever before! In celebration, River Expeditions will be continuing to offer discounts every Tuesday of the Season with “Terrific Tuesdays”.

Oak Hill, WV, March 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- This spring, enjoy an original, exhilarating, and healthy way to enjoy the great outdoors. In 2014, River Expeditions will be continuing its Terrific Tuesday promotion, where rafters can purchase a pass for the day at normal rates and receive a second pass for half off! Throughout the warmer seasons, enjoy the thrill of the raft, all for an incredible discount that makes any rafting trip a little bit sweeter.

This promotion lasts the extent of the rafting season; from April to October, and can be used on any Tuesday during normal season. This is a great way to introduce new rafters to the sport, and is also a great mid-week break from the hustle of normal life. It is also an economical way to “test the waters” while enjoying nature and the breathtaking beauty of the New River Gorge.

Whitewater rafting involves traveling down the New or Gauley rivers on an inflatable raft. Trips generally last approximately 5-7 hours, including a break for lunch. Although some waters may be more suitable for the seasoned rafter, there are plenty of options that can be tailored to suit even the most beginner of rafters. The ability to swim, while helpful, it is not required. Each rafter is equipped with a Coast Guard Approved Type V Life Jack, Paddle, and Helmet to help ensure the safety of the rafter.

River Expeditions owner, Rick Johnson, is extra excited about the opportunities arising from Terrific Tuesdays. “We believe that Terrific Tuesdays is a great option for groups, especially companies looking for team-building exercises that are close, fun, and economical. Since we are within driving distance of many major metropolitan areas, Terrific Tuesdays is an awesome experience at an incredible value.”

River Expeditions owner, Rick Johnson is excited about the opportunity that Terrific Tuesdays may present to people. “We believe that Terrific Tuesdays are a great option for larger groups, especially for companies that want a great teambuilding experience that is also healthy, fun, and affordable. Because of our close proximity to several major cities, Terrific Tuesdays are a great way to check out rafting and save some money too!”

Terrific Tuesdays are day long rafting trips, but it is highly recommended that participants raft both sections over two days with a night of camping. The two day trip allows a level of experience that cannot be achieved in a one day trip.
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