Unique Beverage Trend is Bubbling Up

The trends collective is noting a growing trend in non-traditional beverages

New York, NY, March 07, 2014 --(, the popular trends-spotting website, is seeing a rise in alternate versions of popular beverages. Traditional drinks continue to sell very well, but companies are always looking for new ways to tap into new markets.

“In an increasingly diverse market, there will always be customers looking for something new,” a spokesperson says. “Companies are happy to tap into a previously unexplored market to search of new profits.”

A variety of common beverages are suddenly getting unique spins. Relaxation drinks are being spun-off from energy drinks. High-caffeine sodas are being redeveloped for morning consumption. Wine is coming to the market in unique flavors, like cola. And a rehydrating sports drink in Canada is now made from beer.

Even common beverages like milk, juice, and water are getting different takes. Milk is not simply a dairy product anymore, as nuts are being used as a source of the beverage. And consumers are also exploring more rare milk types, like that from sheep and camels. Juice is being derived from healthy foods like greens and beets. Water is being sold as crafted and ultra-filtered from specific locations.

“The unique, the unusual, will always generate interest,” says the spokesperson. “Competition is intense, which means companies have to think outside of the box. While some of these new ideas are bound to fail, companies that refuse to try something new are bound to fail.”

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