ProofHub Makes Task Management Process Even Better by Rendering Users the Ability to Reply to Comments and Attach Files via Email

ProofHub users can stay connected to any ongoing discussion thread by replying via email and attaching files to the same.

Clifton, NJ, March 08, 2014 --( With the technology changing within fraction of seconds, staying updated on the go has become not only important but essential too. A majority of us can no longer imagine life without their Smartphones and tablets. Gone are the days when they were only used to watch videos or play songs. Nowadays, these mediums have become an important source to stay in touch with work and enhance productivity. People use them for all sorts of things, be it getting updates on the latest happening at work, checking schedules and receiving reminders of important events.

ProofHub users can do a lot more than that, with their cell phones or tablets. Instead of having to log in to their account each time, to review an ongoing discussion or check what the other team members have replied to their comment or discussion, users can directly reply on the email notifications that they receive. Instant email notifications make sure that users stay updated with each and every bit of communication, while the ability to reply via email gives them the flexibility to use ProofHub from their cell phones, without having to login every time.

This is really beneficial for on-the-go-businesses that are mobile by nature and can’t just rely on PCs or laptops to stay updated 24x7. With this ability, they can stay connected to all that’s happening at work even when they are at home, at a meeting, with friends or just anywhere. And the best part is that files attached while replying via email, gets directly added in the files section, and is visible to the whole team. It helps users stay updated on relevant conversations, reply quickly, attach relevant files and get things done there and then, without delaying due to being away from work.

“We had noticed a huge number of people access their ProofHub accounts through their mobile phones and tablets, when they are working remote, away from work or just on the move. With so many people worldwide wanting to stay updated even on the go, it made sense to allow them to receive instant notifications about any comment on an ongoing discussion and reply to that comment through the same email. No matter where they are, where they are going or what they are doing, getting work done faster and staying in touch with work is no more difficult for them,” commented Team ProofHub on the launch.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is a web-based project management system that facilitates better management over a project by making it more structured, organized and coordinated. The projects can be executed faster with proper utilization of allocated resources. The tasks can be better distributed, allocated, scheduled, executed, tracked and controlled through use of this tool. It enables easy and spontaneous communication and collaboration amongst team members who may be based in different parts of the world and thus they can resolve important project matters quickly. A project gets finished on time and an organization is able to achieve its key objectives. This helps it to win over new clients and customers and which leads to its growth and prosperity.
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