Popular Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Introduces "Stub" and "Special" Prayers

Popular Christian prayer website PRAYHoUse introduces two new prayer categories: "stub" and "special" prayers.

Los-Angeles, CA, March 08, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The popular christian prayer website PRAYHoUSe has added two new prayer categories to its online prayer directory. These categories are: the "stub" and "special" prayers.

According to PRAYHoUSe, "Stub prayers are very short prayers. This section is for those who love very concise prayers, may be because they work a lot throughout the day and have very few time to say more elaborate prayers..."

Special prayers are prayers for special situations and/or national holidays in the US. Example of published special prayers include:

1. Special Prayer for the Sick

2. Special Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

3. Special Prayer for Job Seekers

4. Special Prayer for God's Protection

5. Special Prayer for A Successful Year

6. Special Prayer for Long Life and Prosperity

7. Special Prayer for Marriages

8. Special Prayer for A New Week

9. Special Prayer for Every Woman

10. Special Prayer for Forgiveness

These are some of the top-read special prayers on the prayer website.

With almost 200,000 subscribers on Facebook, prayers on the prayer website have been said over 1.5 million times.

The prayer website, which became fully functional in October 28, 2013, claim to have over 10,000 prayers from the Scriptures on different situations like: prosperity, healing, strength and God's guidance, forgiveness, thanksgiving, and God's protection.
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Chidi Nwaogu