Fantasy Author Megan Earley Releases First Two Books in Her Memories Trilogy

Fantasy author, Megan Earley is pleased to announce the release of the first two books in her Memories Trilogy - "Book 1, Memory of Prophecy" and "Book 2, Memory’s Darkness."

Portland, OR, March 12, 2014 --( Memory of Prophecy (Book 1)
Author: Megan Earley
Publisher: Illuminatus Design
ISBN: 978-0985896126
Pages: 276
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

They walk among us, hidden by a magical barrier, protecting themselves, as well as us from their wars.

Angels embody order, attempting to keep peace and keep the lives of the races hidden from the Mundandes. Demons embody chaos, ensuring that life does not stagnate. Mages embody all that is unexplainable and mystical in the world, while Dragons embody the strength behind the magic. Lychanths embody the natural world, where as Vampires embody all that which is man-made and opposite from earth born. No race is evil, and without one, none could survive, yet they are unable to find peace amongst themselves.

Lycanths battle Vampires...Dragons battle Mages...Angels battle Demons.

It has been that way since the dawn of time.

As a negotiator, Mekana thought she'd seen everything.

She was wrong...

Memory's Darkness (Book 2)
Author: Megan Earley
Publisher: Illuminatus Design
ISBN: 978-1467926034
Pages: 355
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

Sometimes a memory is all you have.

Horribly wounded during her latest mission, Mekana flees to the nearest safe haven she can find. Her life force draining, she retreats into her memories in a last-ditch effort to stay alive.

Near death, Mekana falls back on one of the few things that a Hybrid can do that a pure blood can't, forcing herself into a magical coma. Through the coma, she relives her past, watching this time as her life passes by. While Rafael, Julian, and the others try to keep her alive and heal her, Mekana is caught in a hell of her own, her own memories.

Some things are better left forgotten.

About The Author:

Megan Earley is a Theology and Sociology major who hails Southern Oregon, along with her husband and three daughters. She's still not sure what keeps her busier: school, the girls, or the two ferrets who have developed military precision when it comes to escaping their cage.

She is best known for her series, The Memories Trilogy, as well as several articles on religion and several small poems that have been published in small anthologies.

On November 30th of 2013, She took 2 state records and two gold medals for Powerlifting; proving that one can have brains and strength.

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