Banner Ups Launches Its Powertabs to Provide Stronger and Easy to Use Reinforcements for Banners

Banner Ups Recently Released Its New PowerTabs Into the Market with the Aim to Revolutionize the Concept of Banner Reinforcements in the Graphics Industry

Wellington, OH, March 12, 2014 --( Providing innovative plastic grommet replacements of varying shapes, strengths and colors, E. L. Hatton Sales, maker of Banner Ups Adhesive Grommet Tabs has been taking the graphics and banner making industry by storm. Banner Ups have developed a solid quality reputation for themselves within the banner reinforcement production industry. To continue their tradition of high performance plastic grommets, they have now launched a new product to meet industry needs called Banner Ups PowerTabs.

According to a company spokesperson, “PowerTabs are just as strong as regular Banner Ups and can be easily fitted to the corners of a banner to provide it with additional protection against tearing.”

When asked about the benefits of using PowerTabs in place of regular grommets, the spokesperson also said that PowerTabs are three times stronger than ordinary grommets and provide a better visual appeal to banners and signs, as they are less conspicuous. To learn more about PowerTabs provided by Banner Ups, visit their website at

PowerTabs are adhesive plastic grommets that are used to provide strength and durability to signs and banners. With their simple peel and stick attachment method, they are an ideal choice for the reinforcement of banners made of virtually all common banner media, including scrim vinyl, plastic film, paper, foamboard, corrugated plastic, cardboard and other materials.

For best results with small banners, PowerTabs can be attached to four corners of a sign with a rope passing through the neck loop on the outside of the grommet. However, if a sign is expected to bear strong winds, passing a rope through the center holes of PowerTabs can give extra strength to the banner and prevent it from tearing.

Manufactured with a super strong multi ply plastic film, PowerTabs blend into the surface of the banner, enhancing the appeal of colored graphics while offering support to the sign as it bears the effects of strong gusts of wind.

Banner Ups provides PowerTabs plastic grommets in two varieties – White, for everyday outdoor and indoor use on white banners, and Crystal Clear, especially designed to be used with digitally printed banners that have full color graphics.

Both of these varieties are available in two sizes, regular and mini; with the mini size being ideal for indoor and light-duty outdoor applications on smaller signs and banners and the regular size being well suited for larger banners that are hung out of doors and require high strength to withstand strong winds. For even greater outdoor strength, the products can be used in combination with Banner Ups PowerTape, a super-strong single sided Hem reinforcing tape.

The pressure sensitive adhesive construction makes PowerTabs simple and easy to use. As a result, PowerTabs can save costs of time, extra labor, and expensive equipment that is used in traditional banner making methods such as sewing, welding, or taping banner hems and installing metal grommets into banners and signs. Thus, they are rapidly becoming a favorite option for finishing and hanging banners when fast production, high strength and cost effectiveness are needed. For more information about PowerTabs, visit the Banner Ups website at

Banner Ups – Providing Cost Effective Solutions for Banner Reinforcement

Banner Ups is a leading name in the graphics industry, offering a wide array of innovatively designed plastic grommets for their clients. With their years of expertise in manufacturing only the best quality of adhesive banner grommets, they are able to provide complete customer satisfaction to their customers.

Simply put, using Banner Ups adhesive grommet products is the strongest way to make a banner. Wind tunnel tests have proved that banners made with Banner Ups products have withstood winds up to 98 MPH! By using the most durable banner-making grommet method in the market, Banner Ups plastic grommets users can make banners that are reliably resistant to the toughest weather and also everyday wear and tear. This ensures that Banner Ups banners can continue to advertise their customers message without fail.

With their unique manufacturing process and adhesive qualities, Banner Ups PowerTabs have made it so easy and fast to finish and hang banners without using special tools for installing grommets into the sign or banner. The versatility of use and the range of sizes and types available give Banner Ups PowerTabs an edge over ordinary grommets for banner makers who desire the best possible quality at the lowest overall cost.

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