Lori Prokop Announces Raleigh Rudy Pinskey Chosen as Keyboard Culture Expert Community’s Branding, Publicity and PR Expert

Legendary publicity guru Raleigh Rudy Pinskey has been chosen by the Keyboard Culture Expert Community as the Branding, Publicity and PR Expert at http://www.keyboard-culture.com

Minneapolis, MN, October 04, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Keyboard Culture is a blog, podcasting and online movie community of cultural leaders providing free guidance and training to over 100,000 people and businesses a month helping them solve problems, make decisions, create and live from love and light in the highest good for all.

Keyboard Culture offers free advice from leading experts on a variety of subjects through blogs, free online movies, podcasts, radio, teleseminars and webinars.

For more about Keyboard Culture read www.keyboard-culture.com/about_keyboard_culture.htm.

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Raleigh Rudy Pinskey

International best selling author Raleigh Rudy Pinskey is CEO of Raleigh Communications. An international company founded in 1980, Raleigh Communications specializes in Visibility Marketing, PR, Brand Building and Internet Marketing.

Raleigh’s book, “101 Ways to Promote Yourself,” sold over 100,000 copies and is published in multiple languages. Raleigh has authored multiple books, home study courses, CDs and DVDs on branding, marketing and public relations.

A sought after speaker, Raleigh Rudy Pinskey’s topic categories include “How to Market Your Message to the Media”, “Making Strategic Alliances Work for You”, “101 Ways to Promote Yourself”, “Building Your Brand”, “Joint Venturing with The Media for Fame and Fortune – Power and Prestige”, “How to Produce Profitable TeleSeminars”, “Creating an Information Empire with Information Products” and “Book Promotion Made Easy”.

Having appeared on over 150 radio and TV talk shows and featured in over 48 magazines and newspaper articles, Raleigh is frequently called upon by the media.

Keyboard Culture readers, viewers and listeners can receive free publicity and PR tips, training and advice from Raleigh Rudy Pinskey through her new Keyboard Culture blog, podcasts and online movies.

The Keyboard Culture blog featuring Raleigh Rudy Pinskey will be up and available to Keyboard Culture readers in October, 2007.

Raleigh Rudy Pinskey will also host http://www.keyboard-culture-radio.com in October, 2007. It will feature interviews of Keyboard Culture Experts conducted by Raleigh Pinskey.

Keyboard Culture is also featured at http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/keyboard-culture/ .

For further information or for media contact Lori Prokop Keyboard Culture http://www.keyboard-culture.com/about_lori_prokop.htm at 715-868-1110 or email Lori “at” keyboard-culture.com.

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