ZAP IN Now on Android and iOS

iVenuto is excited to be releasing ZAP IN Office, ZAP IN Schools and ZAPPER on Android and iOS.

Kitchener, Canada, March 13, 2014 --( ZAP IN was once only available on the iOS platform. However, iVenuto Software is excited to be releasing ZAP IN on the Android platform as well. This is very exciting as it opens up many more opportunities for ZAP IN. Completing the overhaul to android, allows ZAP IN to function on any size device ranging form 6 inches (your mobile phone or tablet) to flat screen monitors for kiosks. There are a total of 9 applications being released with different functions to meet all front end business needs. Currently, ZAP IN, ZAP IN Schools and ZAPPER can be found on Google Play and the iStore. In the coming weeks iVenuto plan to release ZAP IN Superstar, ZAP IN Construction and ZAP IN Medical on both platforms as well. All of the applications can be found on their website:

Converting ZAP IN to the Android platform was a substantial investment of both resources and time. However, it was worth every dollar and every minute of construction to ensure the customers demand was met and to also sustain iVenuto's future for innovation and growth.
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Maxime Corso