Asentria S550, S350 SiteBoss Units Meet Qualifying Requirements for Use in Verizon Wireless Network

Seattle, WA, March 15, 2014 --( Asentria® today announced that two of its products have met Verizon Wireless’s standards qualifying requirements. Asentria SiteBoss S550 and S350 are now available for use in the Verizon Wireless network.

The SiteBoss S550 unit is a fully featured monitoring and control device for managing remote cell site locations. This unit can be used to monitor power issues related to generators, HVAC systems, battery banks, rectifiers, and more. The S550 is capable of querying many other intelligent subsystems at a remote location and representing that data in a form that is easily used by existing Network Management Software (NMS).

The SiteBoss S350 unit is specifically designed to mount onto mobile assets such as a cell-on-wheels (COW), cell-on-a-light truck (COLT), or generator-on-a-trailer (GOAT). The S350 includes specialized features such as an LTE modem, GPS tracking, and a “sleep-mode” to reduce the amount of current draw and extend the life of the battery.

“We welcome the opportunity to provide Verizon Wireless with qualified site controller solutions that support both their stationary and mobile site remote visibility requirements,” said Tim Stoner, CEO, Asentria. “Meeting the standards of ‘America’s most reliable wireless network’ is an honor and continues Asentria’s solid product quality story.”

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