Cancer Specialists in the Health Fields Highlight Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers Sold Through Geoffrey H. Saft

Cancer specialists across the United States are now highlighting the potential advantages of a treatment regimen incorporating hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Larkspur, CA, March 15, 2014 --( While research is still on-going in this quickly evolving therapy, Geoffrey H. Saft has played an important role in helping people to experience transformative results through the use of hyperbaric therapy solutions. And many patients are now turning to his California Hyperbaric Equipment Company for both pinpoint advice and access to the latest systems.

“I utilize mild Hyperbaric Therapy (mHBT) in all stages of cancer; upon detection, as well as pre and post-surgery, pre, post and during chemo and radiation. In fact if chemotherapy is used in conjunction with mHBT, the chemotherapy dose must be reduced. The mHBT will potentate any primary cancer treatment. mHBT is the best cancer prevention and cancer remission therapy out there, bar none,” says Rhett L. Bergeron, MD.

For those with chronic health conditions, it can seem like there’s no enjoyment or energy left for your future. It can also seem like the pharmaceutical options available only seem to leave you weaker and less able to face daily life. Fortunately, there is new research into treatments taking place at an advanced pace. And this research has helped many professionals to discover the transformative effects that hyperbaric therapy can have when harnessed in conjunction with other well-known treatments.

This type of praise for hyperbaric therapy means that more and more people are now turning to the experience of those such as Geoffrey H. Saft for help resolving their unique cancer-related challenges, getting help through hyperbaric chamber use. Geoffrey Saft owns and manages the California Hyperbaric Equipment company, and his organization is known to help patients select the ideal equipment for their unique hyperbaric requirements. It’s a service that both educates clientele and provides them with direct access to the latest chambers at affordable prices. And the company also offers their chambers, and training, directly to doctors for clinical use. This is how the California Hyperbaric Equipment Company is helping their clients benefit from the latest research into cancer treatment therapies.

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